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Benefit apple for health 


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Apple is the most eaten fruit in the world, due to its excellent properties, it is known from the magical fruit, it has a high quantity and is found to contain antioxidants which have more ability to fight the dirty elements in the body. It is said that you should not go to the doctor by eating apple everyday and then doctors also recommend to eat it.We have been hearing from childhood that eating apple makes health and skin is also clean, so it should be eaten every day, and therefore the doctors themselves advise that you should first eat apples if there is any disease.

And eating apples every day protects against diseases like cancer and prevents diabetes and also prevents diseases related to heart.

1. Benefits in healthy and white teeth.

2. And also affects jurio on face and also benefits in white hair and skin.

3. Avoiding too much stress on the brain due to old age and relieves stress.

4. Apples are found in plentiful and dirt fiber which helps to keep the correct movement.

5. Consuming apples prevents the risk of cancer.

6. Regular intake of apples greatly reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes and filters and cleanses the blood cusp. It does not cause wrinkles on the face.

7. Consumption of apples is not a fruit for people with heart disease, nectar and apple should be consumed by all

8. By eating apples, the main part of our body, that is, cleans the stomach, and you know that disease is born from the stomach, so eat an apple daily.

9. If you have constipation in the stomach, then you start eating gram water and an apple in the morning from today, this will end the problem of constipation forever.

10.Seb also helps in weight loss, if you have to work the weight, then you have to start eating an apple and after a month you will see the difference in your weight.

11. By using apples daily, in your body, which prevents the appearance of the name Vasha and also has many benefits of apples.

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