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Million of Benefit of Ginger 

Ginger one of the best medicine in ayurveda times 

 To make food tasty and digestible and it is always used at home. Ginger has anti-cancer properties. Drinking its juice can prevent lung, prostate, ovarian, colon, skin and pancreatic cancer.

  Ginger is produced in all the states, but more production is in the state of Kerala.

 * Lose weight: drink ginger juice of body metabolism, and consume ginger when it is dry. Increased keeping it buried in wet soil keeps it fresh for a long time. Aromatic ginger juice due to its yellowness * controls diabetes:. Drinking regulates blood sugar levels in the body.

In Ayurveda, ginger has been called Mahaaushadhi due to its many medicinal propertiesDiabetes is less likely. It is considered a great herb. It is hot, fast, heavy, * aching muscles: Drinking ginger juice makes blood circulation, sweetness, suppressing appetite, digestive, nutritious, delicious. It relaxes the muscles and is free from Tridosha i.e. it is a killer of speech, bile and phlegm. | And the muscle pain goes away. Scientists believe that the chemical composition of ginger * relieves headaches: drinking ginger juice contains 70% water in the brain, However, its ratio is 10 in ginger. It relieves headache. Percent. In addition, Star 58%, Protein 13.6%, * Skin becomes healthy: Regular drinking of ginger juice removes 6.8% fiber, ash 7.8%, essential oils and toxins from the body. It purifies the blood (essential oil) by 1.5% and ethanol is large and eliminates the possibility of pimples and skin infections.

Ginger in all types of hiccups: Sucking a small piece of protein, nitrogen, amino (dried ginger) ises, starry, lukose, sucrose, fructose, aromatic oil, nana arak in ginger stops hiccups quickly. Seals off with alsorin, gingivirin, refinish, calcium, vitamins. B ‘and C’, proteolytic and iron are also found in ghee or water.   Due to proteolytic enzymes, taking one teaspoon of ginger juice to relieve ginger cough has proved to be very beneficial in the digestive system of cows. Most people use ginger as a spice, drinking it mixed with fresh milk gives relief from hiccups. But if its juice is drunk regularly, it can be used to control chronic diseases by sucking very large pieces of fresh ginger.It has closed antidotes and new and constantly emerging hedgehogs. All bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties This natural remedy to get rid of incurable hiccups helps in keeping the body healthy.

How to make ginger juice:

Take a little ginger and a piece of garlic evenly in 1 glass of water and heat it slightly. When it boils slightly, cool it down, squeeze it and add 1 gram of ground ginger and a little asafetida and sindal. Take a bowl and drink it after mixing it with a spoonful of water. Hot

Taking salt with water cures stomach pain the way we drink tea, the way we drink hot milk, drink ginger and rock salt in the same way. You can do one thing or another, drinking hot water at night causes stomach ache, stomach ache, constipation, ginger and drinking it warmed in the morning will cure cold and indigestion. And the pieces left in the water, Eat them mixed with half a teaspoon of gravy, ginger and mint juice. He mixes one gram of salt and drinks it. * Abdominal pain improves digestion. Ginger water in the body provides instant relief in digestion. Increases the juice. 

Ginger juice and 2-3 teaspoons of basil leaves juice helps to digest food quickly. | Drinking some warm water calms the stomach ache and relieves heartburn:

20 minutes after dinner. Drink a glass of ginger juice. It keeps the acid level in the body under control by dipping a little bit of Ajmo in a cup of warm water. This will eliminate the problem of heart burn. | Add a teaspoon of ginger juice and drink it.

Mixing lemon juice in ginger juice and licking crushed chili powder helps to relieve stomach pain and back pain:

• Massage ginger juice mixed with coconut oil and gives relief in desi ghee

• Ginger juice 2 ml, lemon juice 2 ml, dissolve. Mix 1 gram of black pepper powder and drink it. Stomach ache * Stinging, crushing, bruising, disappearing heavy thing.

• Mouth odor of ginger on the affected area due to removal or debris: Heat a spoonful of ginger juice in a glass bowl, apply a half inch wide bandage, mix it with a bandage and with warm water to get rid of bad breath Rinse it After two hours, remove the bandage and apply mustard oil on it. Shake. Doing this exercise once a day will cure the pain immediately.

* Water dipped in ginger juice with chestnut will relieve pain. Mix and apply in place of teeth.

  * Appetite Enhancer: To increase appetite, always eat two grams of ginger powder with ghee or just hot ginger water in the morning and evening. Eating salt and ginger sauce before meals always cleanses the tongue and throat and increases appetite. ખ A ginger pickle increases appetite. KG ginger and hives (boiled) are used to relieve fever and increase appetite. Always consume it in the ratio of five to ten grams. Ka boiling ginger, salicy, Nagarmotha, Giloy and consuming it increases appetite and also helps in fever.

 * If you want dark and shiny hair, regular use of ginger juice can fulfill your desire. In case of sudden toothache, you can also shrink the ginger and apply it directly on the scalp. Peel a small piece and press it instead of a sore tooth. All you have to do is to keep pure juice on the head. In which there is no ginger or no ginger in the toothache caused by measles. This not only makes your hair healthy but also benefits you by pressing the piece between the teeth. Will also get rid of dandruff.

  * Sore throat: Ginger, cloves, asafetida, and salt suck everything. Begin. With ginger juice, you can always get rid of dandruff and blisters by breaking the lentils in ghee. Ginger is very easy to use. Mix gram and ginger in half and take a bowl. It is full of two more influences. If the problem is new or old, give it twice a day in a vowel ratio. The qualities are definitely to keep you healthy. Grind the lentils in a bowl and fry them in ghee. Add ginger bowl and make laddus. Eat a laddu every day and boil milk and urad. Dieticians, drink water while using it. This will also cure paralysis.



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