Can I go to Canada in February 2021?

Can I go to Canada in February 2021?

As soon as you hear the name of Canada, a different and neat and clean place is seen, the dream of millions of people living in India is to go to Canada, so friends today we know how to go from India to Canada and tell you the complete information that about 25000 people every year There are many ways to go to Canada and among these, people call you from work to work, you have been told very easy way to go to Canada.

How to check Eligibility for travel to Canada

Before going to Canada, you have to check whether your ability is otherwise, how to check And what are the reasons that immigration is not allowed here is the main reason 

  • Violation of human and international rights
  • police have a your old record
  • Being unwell
  • commercial purpose
  • Or having a tattoo in the body
  • To find a different record in immigration time
  • old criminal record
  • Association with an invalid family

Or some illness, during the journey, some accident occurred in the record.

Consider different types of legal opinions in Canada: It is very important to adopt legal methods to get entry for Canada. Otherwise you will keep breaking the law so that you can be sent back. There are many ways that you can apply as a Canadian resident. They include .Get express entry for skilled workers. The Skilled Workers class is considered the most effective way out of all the triangles for attaining Canadian residency. Those who have full 12 months managerial, professional or skilled trade work experience, they can apply under this category| While applying through this class, officers will get information about your age, work experience, education and your field of work. Business start-up or investor. This type of visa is for the work of people who are entrepreneurs and have their own business, or who are professional investors. Investors who wish to apply through Investor Channel must have at least 10 million Canadian dollars or more. Provincial: Provincial class residency is taken when you choose a particular province to live in Canada. This type of residency is usually very low. Family sponsored: Any family members in the family class who are already living in Canada, agree to sponsor your immigration in that country. Spouse sponsored: If your wife or husband is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada for more than 18 years of age. So they can sponsor you to live as a permanent resident in Canada. But you need to provide proof that your marriage was real, not to achieve residency. Quebec-selected (quebac-selected): Quebec-selected immigration is the same as a provisional class residency, the only exception being that you Provincial government selects instead of federal government It is designed for students, business people, including the Quebec VIP Investment Visa Program, Temporary Workers, Families and Refugees who only want to leave from Quebec. International Cooperation: International Adoption Class There are current Canadian citizens who adopt a newborn or child from another country and want to protect the child’s Canadian residency.

Canada city 

Refugees: Those who have fled their country for security reasons can apply for residency by completing the Refugee application and are supported by sponsorship at the cost of the application and transfer to Canada is also available. Caregivers: If you want to go to Canada for the purpose of caring for the people of Canada. So you can apply for Caregiver Visa. Self-Employed (self-employed): If you work for yourself then you may be eligible to apply for Self-Employed Visa. Keep in mind that for this you will have to prove that your income is at least $ 40,000 per year and you will continue to earn that much as long as you live in Canada.

How to apply visa :To apply for a visa, choose an application that best suits your situation. For example, if you are a self-employed person and want to settle in Canada, then you have to choose a different application than the one in which someone is planning to go to Canada to take care of someone. If you want to settle quickly, then Skilled Workers can complete the express entry profile online. This profile contains information about you, your language and your credentials. After completing your express entry profile, (unless you already have a job offer) you will also have to register with the Canadian Government Job Bank. If you are a self-employed or self-employed, start-up visa , Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker, Family Sponsor Visa or a Provincial Visa, you must email your application.

Fill application fees: Application fees can be very high, especially if you have applied for the entry of your spouse and other dependents. For example, the fee for an express entry application for each person would be 550 Canadian dollars (about INR 29,000). But, if you are taking the spouse and child with you, then the application fee will be 1250 Canadian Dollars (about INR 67,000). Keep in mind that please submit your application fees in full or the application will not be processed.

Wait for Visa to arrive: Remember that it may take time for the response of the application to arrive. Even if you have applied through the express entry form, you may have to wait for six months for the response to arrive.  Therefore, remember that as soon as you decide to go to Canada, apply as soon as possible. Do the When you want to go, do not wait for a month or a week, rather take the application immediately. If your application is rejected then you will have to apply again and you can do this only if there is a special change in your situation. Be You can’t appeal this decision.

Gather all the important documents before leaving: On your way to Canada, you will need some official documents to get entry. You will need: a Canadian immigrant visa and a valid passport for every family member traveling with you, a valid passport or travel document for each family member traveling with you. All personal and household carrying with you. Two copies of the detailed list of things which will reach you later and two copies of the price list of those things.

Improve your language skills: Good communication skills will help you settle in a new home. If English or French is not your mother tongue, then you will have to spend some time and energy to improve your language skills. Choose a class where you can go on weekends or evenings In order to help catch the language, in some provinces, French is spoken more than English. Find out which language most people speak in the place where you are living. If you know how to speak one of the two languages ​​of Canada (English or French), then you can consider learning another language.

Enjoy your journey

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