how to become programmer step by step tips and tricks in 2021

 How to become a web developer?

Coding languages ​​is the language with which we can solve the problem of life by using technology in normal life. Now we will move on our main topic that how to become success full web developer.  To become web developer you have to became expert in any of the platform, like PHP,. Net, Java, react js etc… Actually this is core field of information technology to develop a different type of website. This is all Core coding platform for develop various website. Actually this is core field but there are various framework like Laravel, symfony, joomla ,Codeigniter , Cake PHP, yii,zend ,phalcon, Fuel PHP , phpixie ,slim.  So these are various platform for PHP to develop various web application.  Also there is various platform to create e commerce websites like woo commerce, magneto, shopify. Now moving forward we will discuss about types of websites so we can see which framework or technology you have to learn for this.

Types of website Simple static website ( HTML)Informative website Dynamic Website Customize Website Ecommerce Website User Web Application Blog / News website Booking website These are various websites for different web application and as per the user requirement for These various type websites can develop by various technologies.

Woocommerce , Magento , Shopify, WordPress One Of The Best  Web Platform.

If anyone wants to become specific Ecommerce Web developer then Woocommerce, magento & Shopify is the best and worldwide used platforms.  This all platform is very customizable and amazing platform to create various e commerce websites. Now a days every shopkeeper wants to explore products on online platform for more selling and generate more revenue. So this is best platform to become an ecommerce web developer. For that you to become expert in Shopify , woo commerce and magneto .

In this you can list the various products via different images, also total online order system is available so amazing platform to create e commerce websites. Core web application Full Customize Websites Basically this is completely depending on user requirement, as per the client requirement developer has to develop website. For this core PHP and frameworks that we have discussed earlier is require.  This is core coding part. You need to expert in coding so as per client requirement you can create web application. Same Core. Net field also used to create custom client require website including custom admin panel also. Now you have one question that these described thing need to core coding knowledge then and then we can become web developer.  So it is too hard to become web expert Right. No it’s not right, if you have basic knowledge of coding and PHP language, then you can become a successful web developer and can create best websites for client. Name of this question is Word press.

What is WordPress?

WORDPRESS is the simplest most popular way to create your best own website or blog. in fact, wordpress powers over 39.5% of all the website on the internet .yes more than one in four website that you visit are likely powered by wordpress on a slightly more technical level wordpress is an open source contect management system licensed under GPLv2 which means that anyone can use or modify the wordpress softwere for free a content management system is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website like contect without needing to know anything about programming the end result is that wordpress makes building a website accessible to anyone even people who aren’t developers.

If you want create amazing website ,blog you should try wordpress it’s the best way to build a website 

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