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1. Weight loss Work 

When it comes to health and fitness, losing weight is your first  foremost agenda on one hand ,obesity  can make you want to lose weight , while on the other hand ,it could be the desire o look good and appealing to others . how ever what if you re already at your ideal weight and haven’t realised it yet? that said you must be extra careful when it comes to maintaining a healthy weights .losing weight when you don’t need to can lower your immunity and make you sick .that said here are some signs that will tell you that you re already at your ideal weight.
sometimes being healthy is not about losing weights ,as even muscle mass can add a few pounds to your body .but that surely does not mean you’re over weights or unifit.

Diet plan which I followed

First WEEK 

  • 8:30 Am-Cornflakes
  • 11.00Am- Omlet/boiled egg
  • 1.00 Pm-Fruits and Fresh juice
  • 4.00 Pm-omlet/Boiled egg and milk
  • 6.00 Pm-Fruits
  • 8.30 Pm- corn and soup
  • Workout plan
  • 5–6.30 Gym
  • 1.Treadmill- 25 minutes
  • 2.Efx-15 minutes
  • 3.Cycling-15 minutes
  • 4.Pushup-3 rounds of 15
  • 5.Pull up -3 rounds
  • 6.Other random exercise
  • Evening 8–9Pm

1.cardio-30 minutes

2.other exercises-30 minutes

Reduced 11 Kgs in 2 months

Now for next 2 months,I started slightly my intake as I started reducing drastically

Included 3 chappathi for lunch and dinner in the above schedule, Followed the same workout plan

Client Opinion / GYM Trainer Opinion

I have always been overweight.

A big baby at birth, I stayed big.

From childhood, adolescence to adulthood. No matter how much I ate, or didn’t eat or felt bad about eating.

No matter how much I exercised, didn’t exercise, or felt bad about not exercising.

It was cute at childhood, painful during my teenage years and uncomfortable as I get older. Apart from reasons of vanity, it played havoc on my knees and ankles. Painful joints. Also, it was not comfortable to struggle to reach parts of my body while showering.

Thankfully, my medical stats were ok. Blood pressure, blood sugar – still ok. I wanted to keep them that way. No, actually I wanted to improve them.

So, I started to research…

And I started my ketogenic way of eating. I kept my carb intake low – through low starch vegetables while eating moderate amounts of protein and a little fat. I started 16:8 fasting daily and then did a 24 hour fast weekly…which slowly became a 36 hour weekly fast, and then to a 40 hour weekly fast.

The results were tremendous. In 6 months I lost 30 kg. From 89kg to 59kg… you can see the difference in the photos.

And I felt fantastic. Lighter. Fitter. More energetic. Joint pains gone.

It’s important to lose weight in a smart and healthy manner. By eating nutritiously and taking care of vitamins/minerals and hydration. It is not just about weight loss but more about health gain!

I continued with my weight loss till I reached my goal weight…54kg now. Still eating low carb and still feeling great

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