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 Today we will talk about an interesting subject, many people had to know Hello there, one of the most important things that every human wants is to be loved. For that, we always search for someone whom we can love, and in return, we can get the same from that person but is it really what we need, well I can say that it’s not. The truth is we all feel alone at some point and we don’t know that even. So, we think we have no one who can share their feelings and vice versa let us look closely do we really have no one who loves us or it’s all just in our minds.



First, we have someone’s who can love us selflessly are our parents, then our siblings (Not Necessarily) but still, the thing is we just overlook them because for us they are the one’s whom we take as for-granted because we think that they won’t understand us but the truth is that they have already surpassed this condition or must say they live the same life from there, yup they lived in other generation there’s no doubt about that but they still lived their lives in the same psychology says that we have someone that’s why you got that right genetically but still we are very much likely to not to tell’em. So from this, we can say that we have some people around us who love us. but still, the problem is the same, why we always have a lookout for someone to love and also to be loved.

the first reason for that is that we don’t love ourselves and thus, we look for others to do it we are so much feared of us that we don’t look that all we have to do is to love yourself initially if we can’t love ourselves then how can we love others, and also how somebody else will be able to love you. 

As I’ve mentioned earlier it is imperative for you to understand this so once you love yourself, you will be appreciated by everyone and then you don’t have to look for someone you’ll get it. 

So, I hope you understand what is the key thing that your craving will be turned into your happiness if you’ve got it then the job here is completed and but if you’ve any question you can comment down. I will be pleased to tell you more.



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