Know what happened the secret of getting married Varun Dhawan has chosen the right time for marriage IN 2021

Varun Dhawan weds Natasha



Know what happened the secret of getting married

Everyone has heard this saying, Abdullah Deewana in Begani wedding, but it is not necessary that this proverb always prove to be true, this time not in Begani wedding but in the wedding of loved ones, Abdullah is crazy. Varun Dhawan, son of famous Hindi film actor and son of David Dhawan is tied in auspicious marriage, Varun Dhawan has chosen the right time for marriage. Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal have tied up in a marriage alliance on Sunday, staying away from the cycle of failure. Varun Dhawan has posted the first wedding photo for his loved ones. Varun Dhawan has shared his wedding photo on Instagram, in which he is seen with wife Natasha. Varun and Natasha are married at The Mansion House in Ali baug.

In the photo, Varun Dhawan and Natasha are seen in a beautiful wedding couple. David Dhawan and Lali can also be seen behind Varun and Natasha in the picture. While sharing this photo on Instagram account, Varun wrote in the caption, “Life-long love has become official”. This picture is going viral on social media. Seeing the wedding picture, their fans are greeting and congratulations.

The wedding of Varun and Natasha has been attended by well-known personalities from the film world, including Karan Johar, fashion designer Manish Malhotra, filmmaker Kunal Kohli and many artist directors. It is being told that Varun and Natasha took seven rounds on Sunday evening.In the morning, turmeric ceremonies took place. In a conversation with Filmfare magazine, Varun said, “Everyone has been talking about my marriage for the last two years, so I have decided to get married immediately and love is not planning in marriage. Only these decisions come from heart to heart

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