the top 10 most popular beer brands in the world 2021 in english

 The Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands In The World 2021 In English 

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THE World shelled out $ 661 billions for beer last year . behemoth  breweries dominated sales with the 50 biggest drewing  companies accounting for nearly of global beer consumption in 2020.

this year’s list of top ranking beers based on 2020 sales , is similar to list year’s results, with few key changes.

three of the top 10 best -sellers are american brands you have likely heard of and drank plenty of while four are chinese beers largely unknown in the U.S you may not have sipped or even seen ,a majority of the millions of hectoliters of beer sold around the world in 2020.

here are the top 10 best selling beers in the world for 2020.

1. SNOW 

snow holds down the top spot for another year. it sold an estimated , and astounding ,101.2 million hectoliters of beer last year beating out runner -up bud by more then double the volume .not bad for a brew you have likely never had a sip of snow is only sold in chine.

how much does snow beer cost a can of snow beer can cost as little as 3 CNY or 0.43 USD ( at the time of writing ) in most shops . this is obviously part of its appeal and a major factor in its high sales volumes.

you should try this beers 


corona extra is a pale lager produced by mexican brewery cerveceria modelo and owned by belgian campany ab inbev . its is commonly served with a wedge of lime or lemon in the neck of the bottle to add tartness and flavour .



148 calories, 148 grams of fat ,148 grams of protein 148 grams of carbs this beer healthy beer you should try international beers.


vodka cruiser is a brightly coloured vodka based alcoholic drink with an alcohol content of 4.5% sometimes described as fruit beers this premixed drink is available in seventeen flavours including guava,lemon ,lime ,passio fruit ,pineapple ,reapberry ,and other and this beer price in $19 doller par bottle .


alcohol 7% ,protein 45,caloris 148grams and this beer main parpose is healthy body so you should try healthy beer 


victoria bitter is a lager produced by CARLTON & UNITED BREWERIES A SUBSIDIARY of asahi in melbourne, victoria . it was first brewed by thomes aitken at victoria brewery in 1854 and is a victorian beer .it is one of the best selling beers in australia 


alcohol by volume 4.9% 134 fat ,120, calories and many more.


“Bud heavy” may be less ppopular then its little brother stateside but the king of beer reigns around the world .beer drinkers bought an estimated 49.2 million hectoliters of budweiser.

busweiser is an american style pale lager produced by anheuser busch part of AB inBEV.


alcohol by volume 5% fat125,calories 41 ,and protein high protein beers.

Corona beer period is very very overrated. It’s a perfect example of both “style over substance” and how Americans are suckers for marketing and for following trends they perceive as being hip or cool.

in Mexico, Corona is known by the locals as a very low-quality cerveza. It’s also very cheap, and they laugh at how we in the U.S. consider it a premium foreign import, and charge $3 a bottle in bars.

That whole stick a lemon in the Corona began as a joke too. A bet between a San Diego bartender and a patron. The tender said how people are so gullible and easily -lead that he bet he could start a trend, no matter how silly, by doing it. Since he and his beach front bar were very popular.

He proceeded to grab a lemon wedge from behind the bar and jammed the whole thing in his beer.


along with being  the seconds best selling beer  in the U.S coors lightv sild into the no .10 spot as a top -selling beer brand in the world in 2020.


yanjing recently reported nearly 9 percent growth in revenue year- over year reaching $ 850 million in 2020 .the successful brand will likely hold its place on the list of year to come .


herbin shipped an estimated 29.9 millions hectoliters of beer in 2020 claiming to be chine oldest brewery this massive brand is among the anheuser -busch inbev fleet .


 this beer carries the flag for its region around the world much like reggae does with music its also surpprisingly wordly combining malted grain form canada hops form the yakima velley in america and fresh well water form jamica in its formula its freshness tingles as it goes down enveloping your body like the warmth of the caribbean itself.


they call themselves a patagonian cool beer and it is hard to argue with this title the crisp refreshing taste conjures up images of water running down form the many peaks in the south of the country. this is mountainous grandeur in abottle.

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