top 10 world best vaccine in the world in 2021 ?

top 10 world best vaccine in the world in 2021 


The country which is at the forefront of making vaccines and India is ranked from the angle of knowing the most effective vaccine. Many companies have developed vaccines and some of the approved vaccines are used in different countries. Here is a brief introduction to the various vaccines currently in use. The two vaccines currently used in India are Covishield (Oxford – AstraZeneca). Viral Vector Technology Inactivated Virus – A virus that does not harm the body.  The vaccine not harms the body.  Prevents the spread of viruses.

Effectiveness: 62% C

Clinical trial: All three phases of clinical trial completed.  U.K.  , Argentina, Mexico and India have completed phase trials.  It is being used in India now (under the name of Covishield).Dosage: 4 doses are given at intervals of four weeks. Storage: Normal 2to 8 degree temperature of refrigerator Storage: Can be stored at normal temperature of 4 degrees. 

1.India Biotech

Covacin (India Biotech-ICMR) technology:

Inactivated virus coronavirus changes its structure, inactivates it and enters the body.  The vaccine prevents the virus from harming the body.  Effectiveness: 90% of clinical trials. All three phases have been completed.  It is currently being used in India.  Dosage: 4 doses are given at intervals of four weeks.  Storage: Fees can be stored at a normal temperature of 5 degrees.


Moderno Cove Vaccine DOVO – 19 M Ka Moderna (USA) Technology: 

MRNA – The body’s cell (cell) is instructed to awaken the immune system against coronavirus through RNA.  Effectiveness: 3.1%: All three phases completed.  USA, Canada, UK  , Approved by Israel, Switzerland and the European Union.  Dosage: Given twice in 3 days interval.  Storage: Can be stored in a normal refrigerator for up to 30 days.  If you want to save 6 months, you need a temperature of minus 40 degrees. 

3.Novavex (USA) Technology: 

 A brand new technology of nanoparticles is used for this vaccine.  Nano (microscopic) particles introduced by the vaccine prevent the virus.  Effectiveness: 4.5% Clinical trials: All three-phase trials have been completed, but use has not yet been approved anywhere.  It is likely to be found in India-Britain.  Dosage: Two doses will be given at intervals of three weeks.

4.Johnson & Johnson (USA) Technology:

Viral vector is a virus that does not harm the body, minimizing the effects of coronavirus.  : Details not disclosed Clinical trial: Two-phase trial completed.  Details of the third phase test are likely to come out soon.  Dosage: 1 and 2 doses are tested separately.  Storage: 3 months at fridge temperature (5 to 6 degrees), while at minus 40 degrees can be stored for 3 years.

5.USA – Germany

Pfizer – Bioentech (USA – Germany) Technology:

MRNA – Prepares a sample of the spike protein of the virus, reducing the effectiveness of the virus.  Effectiveness: 5% Clinical trial: All three phases completed.  Used in US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jordan, Kuwait, Mexico, Panama and Singapore.  Storage: Store at temperatures as low as -30 degrees.


Synopharm (China) technology:

Inactivated viruses are coronaviruses that have been mutated, inactivated and introduced into the body.  The virus entering with the vaccine prevents the E $ HAI of the virus from harming the body.  Effectiveness: 3 to 4% Clinical trial: The third phase is underway.  Approved for use in China, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan.  Dosage: 3 doses are given at intervals of 3 weeks.  Storage: General ridge tampa can be stored.  


Gamleya (Russia) Technology:

A viral vector is a virus that does not harm the body, less effective than the effect of the coronavirus that enters it.  Consumption has also been approved in countries such as Russia, Belarus, Argentina, Algeria, Bolivia, Palestine and Serbia.  Dosage: Two doses are given at weekly intervals

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