World Second Vaccination Trials Successfully Work



All meeting in India TT Corona LIVE: Modi’s big announcement, vaccine will come next week, 28/1/2021 special software network ready New Delhi 5 minutes ago Share PM to Serum Institute, Pune  Visited Zion’s Biotech Park in Ahmedabad and Bharat Biotech Facility in Hyderabad and reviewed the preparations 

    India TT The Prime Minister reviewed the preparations by visiting the Serum Institute in Pune,  Biotech Park in Ahmedabad and Bharat Biotech Facility in Hyderabad on 28/1/2021 world second vaccine  (file photo).  The government held an all-party meeting on corona today. The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi via video conference. He said there was no need to wait for the corona vaccine, the vaccine would be ready in a few weeks.  “This is the first and most important meeting. The key points of Modi’s speech are no doubt in success. Indian scientists are confident of their success and their confidence is strong. The world is looking at the safest and cheapest vaccine.  Going to Pune and Hyderabad, I saw how the preparations for vaccine manufacturing are being done. Coordinating with ICMR and global industry giants. All are ready to go.  No more waiting for vaccines. Trials of 3 different vaccines in India

           India TT vaccine India’s trial of 3 different vaccines took place in different stages.  Experts believe that there is no need to wait any longer for the vaccine.  The vaccine is expected to be ready in the next few weeks.  Vaccination will be started in India as soon as the scientists get the green light.  The Center is also working on the suggestion of the states as to who will be vaccinated in the first phase.  Preference will be given to healthcare workers, frontline workers and the elderly who are already battling serious illnesses.  Along with Modi, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Home Minister Amit Shah and  Minister Harsh Vardhan are expected to attend the meeting.  Parliamentary Affairs Minister  Joshi and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Arjun Ram Meghwal will also be present.  The meeting has been called at a time when there is talk of merging the winter session of Parliament with the budget session due to the growing case of Corona in Delhi.  Modi told the vaccine companies to explain to the people in simple words. Modi is constantly monitoring vaccine development along with Corona’s condition.  He spoke to Genova Biopharma, Biological E and Dr. by video-conference on 22/1/2021.  Discussed with Reddy’s team.  The Prime Minister advised him that normal

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