benefit of banana in2021

 Bananas in the diet 

fresh bananas are available year round unlike some fruits bananas continue to ripen after picking bananas will ripen steadily at room temperature to ripen faster people can try keeping them in a paper bag refrigerated bananas will ripen more slowly the outer peel of the bananas will darken in the fridge but the bananas itself will stay intact longer.

Eating bananas

here are some tips for using bananas

  • add a sliced bananas to your morning cereal or oatimeal for a more nutritious breakfast.
  • add bananas to a smoothie.
  • take a banana to work or school for a healthful portable snack.
  • add mashed bananas to muffins cookies and cakes for a naturally sweet flavor.
  •  mash ripe bananas and use to replace butter or oil baked goods.


Bananas is loaded with fibre both soluble and insoluble .the soluble fiber has the tendency to slow down digestion and keep you feeling full for a longer time which is why bananas are often included in a breakfast meal so that you can start about your day without having to worry about the next meal.

Bananas contain fiber ,potassium folate and antioxidants such as vitamin C all of these support heart health. A 2021 review found that people who follow a high fiber diet have a lower risk of fiber diet those who consumed more fiber also had lower levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol.
The high content of potassium in bananas makes it a super fruit.this meneral is known for its numerous health benefiting properties it helps in regulating heartbeat blood pressure and keeps the brain alert so make sure you add bananas to your daily to keep your heart and brain healthy plus for more stabled blood pressure.

A 2007 study suggested that eating bananas might help prevent wheezing in children with asthma one reason for this could be the antioxidant and potassium content of bananas however more research is needed to confirm these findings.

Bananas contain tryptophan an amino acid that help preserve memory boost a person s ability to learn and remember things and regulate mood.

Bananas is a heavyweight when it comes to nutrition it is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium calcium manganese magnesium iron folate niacin riboflavin and B6 these all contribute to the proper functioning of the body and keeping you healthy.
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