fun facts about coffee, nutrition facts for nespresso coffee pod in 2021


Hawaii is the only american state that grows coffee good coffee growing conditions are dependent on variables such as high altitudes tropical climates and rich soil. therefore ,despite all the rich and diverse landscapes of the continental united states, hawaii is the only states suitable for grows coffee plants. it has been producing coffee even before it was a states. recently ,though, farms in california did start growing caffee cherries bushes. 

Starbucks coffee nutrition facts caffeine
It was said that coffee was discovered by a goat herder in ethiopia in the 1500s he saw his goats eating and drinking decaf coffee .after wards he observed a change in their behavior they gained a high amount of energy and they didnot slepp at nights.the herder shared his findings with local monks after they made thier own drink form instant coffee beans, they realized they could stay up all nights and pray woord spread to other Ethiopian monks and soon after reached all across the civilized world. and kenya coffee one of the world five;s best instant coffee.

 Coffee Helped Olympic athletes & Amazing club coffee

Brazil could not afford to send athletes to los angeles for the 1932 Olympic ,so the government sent them in aship full to coffee which was sold on the way to finance thier trip. if you like coffee so you should try amazing grace coffee shop reeseville wisconsin. 

One of the best popular coffee company in the world 

Everyone knows about Starbucks, thanks to their aggressive marketing and shrewd advertising techniques. But, does everyone like Starbucks coffee? The answer differs.

The brand is not known for sourcing and roasting the best coffee beans. Most of their coffee beans are dark roasted, meaning, they taste bitter. And many consumers, who know their coffee, complain that Starbucks coffee has a distinct burnt taste. dunkin donuts iced coffee nutrition facts.

But that is okay with the company. The company knows what the average consumers like – caffeine. And, their coffees contain a high amount of caffeine. And, Starbucks keeps coming up with blended and modified versions of their coffee. Thanks to regular tasting panels, the company knows just how much tweaking it takes to target the average consumers.

 Did you know 

Mecca banned coffee coffee was banned in mecca in 1511 quite soon after its first appearance in ethiopia it was believed to stimulate redical thinking and idleness. did you know that coffee one of the best energy boost drink on the earth.

Add cream keep your werm 

coffee satys werm 20% longer when you add cream you ll have to ask a physicist about that one we reckon it might have something to do with the principle that makes hot water more suitable for making ice cubes then cold water when you are in a hurry to cool down your fresh beverage.

Most expensive coffee in the world 2021

The most expensive coffee is made form cat poop kopi Luwek is the most expensive coffee in the world .it comes form indonesia and is made form beans digested form the asian palm civet .in other  words it comes form cat poop it sells for 421.35 USD doller .

A year drinking coffee or an iphone x?

american on average spend $1,092 year on coffee that’s around $20 a week . that is also close to the price of the newest iphone young people generally spend  more on coffee then older people .



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