How do I become an affiliate marketer? wiki tips and tricks in 2021

What is affiliate marketing? 

Nowadays, in the time of technology, earning money has become somewhat easier if you are educated, and you have a little understanding of the Internet. Although there are many ways to earn money from the internet, but affiliate marketing is using a lot of people these days and is also earning a lot of money.

Many people believe that we cannot earn much money from the internet, but there is no such thing, there are many people who are earning millions of rupees from it, I believe that the most money can be earned from affiliate marketing. 

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What is affiliate marketing? 

Nowadays, there are many companies of online shopping that run their own affiliate programs, affiliate marketing has to be associated with that company. And after joining it, choose any product that you like and think that you can sell it, and get that product sold.

To sell the product, the shopping company will give you commission. This commission can be different according to different product. This process is called affiliate marketing.

 How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Suppose a company’s sale is going down and it wants to increase its sale, then it starts its affiliate program.

Now the company gives them a link or banner through which they have to promote that product.

Now that person’s work starts, he spreads that link in his network, blogger puts it on his blog, youtuber in the discription of his video and whenever a visitor clicks on that link, he reaches the affiliate page of that product. is.

Some important words related to Affiliate Marketing: –

Some important words related to affiliate marketing are as follows: –

Affiliate are the people who join the company’s affiliate program and promote their products through their blog social media platform. 

Affiliate Market Place:- 

 There are some companies which sell many types of products and start affiliate programs according to their category, which we call affiliate market place.

Affiliate ID

This is a unique identity that is given when a person joins the affiliate program of the company, through which we get information about sales, how many people have bought the product from our affiliate link.

Affiliate link

A link is given by the company to promote the products. Through that link, a person who wants to buy that product reaches his shopping website. Affiliate links are different for different products.

payment mode

When we buy something, we also have to pay its value. So the medium through which we pay the price is called the payment mode. Such as upi, cash on delivery, debit card, credit card etc.

Link clocking

Affiliate links are slightly larger and do not look good. For this, the process of shortening them using url shorter is called link clocking.

Affiliate link

This is the amount that is given to affiliates to sell each product. This is a few percent of the price of the products.

Affiliate Manager

The company has a person stationed to help the new affiliates.

Payment Threshold

Which tells them about affiliate marketing and also gives tips to increase sales. This is the minimum amount that you can transfer your money to your bank account after it is done, it is different for different affiliate websites. what is affiliate marketing? After knowing this, the question is also arising in your mind that after all, how much we can earn from affiliate marketing, so let’s know.

How much can be earned from Affiliate Marketing?

See, earning from this is not sure because it depends on how many users are buying the product from your link everyday and are coming to the affiliate website, so if you attract users well then you attract them well. You will earn more when you buy the product from your link. People are also earning lakhs of rupees from affiliate marketing, a person whose network will be good, they can earn more from it.

How to join Affiliate Marketing websites?

Signing up on affiliate marketing websites is very easy. Just you have to follow some steps and if you follow them well then you can start affiliate Maketing easily. First of all you go to google and then search for affiliates after the name of the company whose affiliate program you want to join. For example, if you want to join amazon’s affiliate program then search amazon affiliates.

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