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New updates Canada improve visa again

 Indian students who want to go to Canada as a study will now have to wait for about 4 to 6 months after submitting the application form. The Government of Canada has once again changed the visa rules due to COVID-19, in which only 4 airports (Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal) are offered to students wishing to go to Canada. Only landing will be allowed. With this, every student who reaches Canada will have to get their Corona Test  done at the airport itself. Visa expert Gurindra Bhatti said that under the new rules, every student arriving in Canada would have to spend about 3 days in a place decided by the government. He told that after 3 days the corona report of the student will come. If the report comes negative, then the remaining 11 days students can reach their home and become Isolated.

If the report is positive, then the student will have to stay in 14 days of confinement at the place decided by the government and it will be compulsory to carry 2 thousand dollars as well. Are pandings. At the same time, every student is in a dilemma about going abroad, in which intake he should apply. He said that on 15 July 2020, the Government of Canada announced 2 stap visa rules, changing the visa rules under Kovid-19, in which students who want to go to Canada by 15 September 2020 apply their application online. In which, after a thorough examination of the documents, the student was first admitted to the AIP in the first step. Used to be issued.

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After this, students can study online in colleges or universities abroad. In the second step, after the students were fingerprinted and medicalized, the rules of granting visas to them were implemented, due to which hundreds of students from Punjab applied for their online visa applications. The Government of Canada then made changes to the visa rules once again.While applying for the students online application form, without any A.I.P. Implemented the rules of studying online. Many travel agents in Punjab took great advantage of this and warmed their pockets by getting students enrolled in many private colleges in the name of online study.

Students may face a fine of $ 7.5 million or imprisonment for 6 months for violation of privacy rules

The migration industry’s Visa expert Gurindra Bhatti said that the Government of Canada under Covid-19 has enforced strict rules for the safety of the people. He told that upon reaching Canada, it would be compulsory for the student to stay in 14 days confinement along with the Covid test. He said that seclusion means to isolate yourself in only 1 room at the place decided by the government. If any student is caught violating the covid rules, then the government fined the student with about seven and a half million rupees or imprisonment for 6 months or the government will send the student to India as well as the student’s college, universities with heavy fine. His license can also be canceled. He told that the students who want to travel to Canada must get their covid test done 48 hours before traveling to India so that they do not have to face difficulties after reaching there.


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Visa expert Gurindra Bhatti said that due to covid 19, a large number of Indian students’ files are still pending in the embassy. Students who passed 12th in 2019 had to go to Canada as studies in 2020, but neither 2019 nor 12th students could go abroad due to Kovid-19 and Lockdown. He informed that the results of the students are yet to come for the 12th examination in 2021. Under covid 19, students could not go abroad for 3 years, due to which the queue of students who want to study abroad is getting longer. Those students who want to go to Canada as a study, those students can apply for September intake today itself. During the lockdown, the online approval of all the students who applied for their applications online has started coming.

 He told that students whose visas have come, they can travel following the rules of covid 19. He said that at the beginning of January 2021, the Government of Canada put the processing time of the application to 36 weeks, on January 31, it was reduced to 23 weeks and now it was reduced to 13 to 14 weeks. He said that it is being feared that after the completion of the vaccinations, the students can come soon after the completion of the staff by March / April.

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