top 10 best way how to earn money passive income in 2021

 How to earn money online passive income


1. start a blog 

starting a blog does not require huge investments and can reap long term profits look for an area that you are passionate about and start writing content or making interesting videos on the same it might take some time but once you develop a good number of followers there won’t be a dearth of good opportunities to earn income.

2. Equity investment 

keeping your saving in your bank account won’t offers you much interest talk to a financial adviser or search online to find out the best places to invest your could be mutual funds shares SIPs (SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLANS ) or any other schemes calculate the risk facter and just make sure you don’t place all your eggs in the same basket.

3. Publish an E-book

Going 100% the Kindle route is also a viable way to earn money by writing e-books . This applies to fiction, but the idea of an e-book also applies to non-fiction e-books. Do you have a specific skill or talent you can write about? Include pictures? Talk about from first-hand experience?

That could make for an excellent e-book or digital product that can make good passive income. You can sell this on a wide array of platforms and depending on the e-book, possibly even get affiliates to further promote your e-book for you. Publishing takes work up front but after that initial investment this can become a very profitable and consistent passive revenue stream. 

4.Purchase Bonds

Bonds are another safe option for CDs. These provide a certain amount of interest which varies based on the type of bond. Those from the federal government are generally considered the safest while ones from companies may pay more but be riskier. If the company folds, you could lose your investment. If you stay away from high risk junk bonds, chances are this will be a safe passive income investment. Slow, but steady and usually with slightly better rates than a savings account.

5.Create an App

While creating apps was a huge craze in the early 2010’s, the truth is that the demand hasn’t gone down. If anything, there is a higher demand than ever for good or entertaining apps. Creating an app takes some programming skill but once it is on the market it is going to keep selling over time. This means that early work can pay off for years if your app is interesting enough. This is a passive income idea that offers plenty of opportunities and a very high potential ceiling.

6.Vending Machines

Vending machines are a great passive income idea. Just remember: location, location, location! If you can get the right vending machines in good locations, you will end up very happy with the results.

 7.Rent Out Storage Space

Have extra garage space? An out building or shed? Maybe some land you want to develop. Storage is always going to be in demand and renting out storage space is an excellent way of generating passive income off of space you wouldn’t be using anyways.

 8.Financial Reward Programs

Look for promotional offers. These might not be a consistent thing, but sometimes you can get some pretty nifty rewards from companies looking to expand. Once I received $600 cash and $400 cash from two separate banks when I lived in Austin. Just had to put a thousand dollars in a new checking account for six months. I didn’t touch either and at the end they weren’t happy, but that was an easy passive $1,000 in free cash. Keep your eyes open for similar programs.

 9.Invest in a Food Truck

Food trucks are all the rage. If you know some hard workers who are ridiculously talented cooks, front the money for them to get their food truck. You get monthly payments. Your money back plus interest, or a monthly percentage of profits. Or both. They run the business with a job they love and you get to add another passive income investment to your portfolio

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