Top Best Natural Amazing in Canada in 2021

 Top Best Natural Amazing in Canada 


Locate don the northernmost point of NWT’s mainland the eastern shorelines of cape bathurst are continuously burning .for centuries white streaks of soot rise form these barren coasts contrasting with the arctic Ocean’s frigid waves .

Discovered by the british royal armada the initial prospectors landed in the vicinity of the smoking hills who justified the fiery sand as a results of volcanic activities .in affect the underlying beneath the clouds of smoke and silent combustion is the sulfur rich soil and oil shales distinguished as one of the arctic wonders.


as though colored by a child’s color pencils rainbow range hold true to its name vibrant and earthy shades of red ,yellow green and blue have striped the lava covered slopes of anahim volcanic plains.

to reach the region’s reathen rainbow ,it takes about 90 minutes of strolling hike starting from tweedsmuir provincial park horse trails and foot hikes line along the picturesque river valleys fringed by characteristic flora and vistas of the rocky mountains.

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the territory of poler bear coasts cultured settlements and the northern lights boreal prairie of maintoba boast many attractions including narcisse snake dens recoginzed as the largest gathering of garter snake across the globe numerous narcisse’s  secrpents meander their way into eroded limestone caverns of narcisse meadows.

after the winter and the end of the snake mass hibernation the spring’s warmth awakens the narcisse garters .while hiking closer to the dens visitors can spot the roaming snakes or come across the dens filled with entwining snakes holding the essence of norse mytholoies.


when a dam was built over the north saskatchewan river it culminated into albert largest reservoir and a few years later abraham lake’s sparking phenomenon .on the first report frozen methane entrapped in a frozen vertical chain of bubbles appeared beneath the surface causing much astonishment and confusion.


Despite thhe delightfully poetic name lotus flower tower is bold and unforgiving located amid nahanni national park highlights and the cirque of the unclimbable surrounded by rugged and challenging landforms the peak is categorized landforms the peak is categorized among the top fifty classic climbs of north America .

the sheer rocky wall of the glacial mountain is islanted into a vertical drop ranked as one of slanted into a vertical drop ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful climbing destination  to see from the bottom and above the scenic vistas of this geological phenomenon are best appreciated from the fair meadows or from atop by the virtue of helicopter tours though the most spectacular vistas here are granted only to the world class climbers.

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