what is SEO ?which type of SEO, how to increase traffic on website 100% tips and tricks in 2021

 What Is SEO 

SEO is a type of setting by which we prepare our website to show and rank in the search engine. If we do not do it well then our website will not come in the search engine. This is the way through which we optimize both our website and blog post, this is called search engine optimization. If we do SEO well then our website will rank in the search engine and will also show on the first page. So that more traffic will come to our website and our earnings will also be good. SEO helps a lot in bringing organic traffic to your website because if you do SEO well.

Only then your website will rank in the search engine and from there good traffic will come to your website. It is very important for people who are new bloggers to know about SEO, without SEO, they will never become a successful blogger. Everyone wants to bring their website to the first page itself and for this it is very important to know that what is SEO Because search engine optimization is the only way that can be done with the help of it.

In the previous post, we have blog What? And how to earn money from it? Had to go about And to get ahead in blogging, you also need to know what is SEO in English.

What is the full form of SEO

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization, as it is known by the name that optimizing the website for search engine is called SEO.

Types Of Search Engine optimization- types of SEO : –SEO is done in three ways which are as follows: –

On-page SEO

The type of SEO in which SEO is done inside a blog post in which keyword placement, use a good type of responsive theme. Write a good meta description by placement of Focus Keyword which will make it easier to rank in the search engine and this will also increase traffic to your website.

How to do On Page SEO? 

On page SEO too many things have to be done, then on page SEO is complete, so let us know in detail.

Keyword Research

This is the first step of on page SEO When we start writing any blog post, first of all we do keyword research. So that we get to know what people are searching about that particular topic. With the help of different keyword planner tools we see what is the competition level in that keyword and how much traffic is monthly so that we get a lot of help. If the competition level remains low then our post gets ranked in google with little effort. If you are a new blogger then you should always use the long tail keyword only because long tail keywords rank quickly in google.

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Website Designing

It also comes in the on page SEO itself, we should always use a responsive template as it will also boost the speed of the website. If the design of the website is good, user engagement will also increase and the user will spend more time on your website. So that your bounce rate will also be fine. The website should also have all the policy pages like about us privacy policy etc. This is also a part of the on page SEO.

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Title tag

This means that the title of the website and each of its posts should always be absolutely catchy and attractive, which the user should be compelled to read once. This will also increase the CTR of your website title tag should be at least 60 words, should not write a title higher than this, because then it will not show in the search engine.

Internal linking

This is the main step of on page SEO in a way, to maintain the bounce rate of your website, it is very important to do internal linking in your post. Internal linking means that you link all the posts in your blog to each other and link all the posts to each other. If a user came to read one of your posts, then if he liked that post, he would also click on the link of the other post in that post and would read it as well.


The URL of the blog post itself is called permalink. Always keep a small permalink and you must add your focus keyword to it. Do not use stop words like is, am, are in it, always write it in a simple way so that Google can understand it easily.

Meta Discription This is the discription that appears below the URL of the website in the search engine, it should be at least 150 words. Always add your focus keyword to it and write a discription that no one can not read without reading the post.

Extenal links

You can also place links to websites with good Domain Authority and Page Authority, such as links to Wikipedia. This will also give the user detailed information about that topic.

Social share buttons

Make sure to put social sharing buttons links in your post so that after reading the user if he likes that post So share it with your friends too and this will increase the growth of your blog even more.


Content is also a very important part of on page SEO because if you will not write quality content. So you will never be successful. You must have written an article of at least 1000 words. You must write your focus keyword in H1, H2, H3, this is also the way of SEO, the larger content you write, the better the SEO will be. Keep in mind that the content is not copyrighted, otherwise you will never be able to index it.

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Off page SEO

This type of SEO post is done after it is published. Such as making backlinks and in other ways link your post to another post.


This is very important because it increases the page authority and domain authority of your website. It connects one website to another website, in which the link of its website is put on the website of another. So people who visit that website will also come to your website. There are many ways to make it, such as guest posting can be taken by paying some money to the website owner.

Guest post

As I said, guest posting on another’s blog will also give us a dolphin backlink. Which will also increase the domain authority of our website.

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