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 NEW DELHI :-Although every day is special for the expression of love, but the matter of Valentine’s Day is different. All loving couples eagerly wait for this day. It is Valentines Week, know when the day is falling, every day is special for expressing love, but the matter of Valentine’s Day is different. All loving couples eagerly wait for this day. Not only Valentines Day, people start celebrating the festival of love a week in advance. There is a lot of excitement about these days even among married couples. Everyday for 7 days, people celebrate different things. Valentines Week begins with Rose Day and the last is celebrated on 14 February.

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Rose Day: In the year 2021, Valentine’s Week will begin with Rose Day. On February 7, Sunday, Rose Day will be celebrated. On this day people give roses to their lover or spouse, friends. Explain that while the couples give red roses to each other, the yellow rose is considered a symbol of friendship.

Propose Day: Propose Day is the second day of Valentine’s week celebrated on 8 February. This time this day is falling on Monday. On this day, people express their love. To propose on this special day, people can give a gift of flowers, chocolates, rings or anything else and tell their partner about their mind. Make them meet your feelings on this day.

Chocolate Day: Chocolate Day is celebrated on 9 February. Chocolate is also a better medium to convey sweetness to the heart. On this day people give their favorite chocolate to their loved ones. This time this day is falling on Tuesday.

Teddy Day: Smiling on everyone’s face, seeing a small, cute and cute teddy. It has nothing to do with age because they all like it. Teddy Day is the fourth day of Valentines week. On this day, you can gift a teddy bear to your partners. At the same time, nowadays many people can gift different types of soft toys to each other on this day. This time on Wednesday, February 10, Teddy Day will be celebrated.

Promise Day: On this day, the loving couple promises to play each other for a lifetime. Promise Day is celebrated on 11 February.

Hug Day: Valentine’s Day is the sixth day of the week, Hug Day. You can express your love by embracing your partner on this day.

Kiss Day: Kiss Day will be celebrated on Saturday, 13 February.

Valentine’s Day: This day is one of the most special moments for every loving person. This time February 14 is falling on a Sunday.

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