5 tips for a healthy lifestyle | Five ways of maintaining good health lifestyle


You surely must have heard the phrase health is wealth. Health is the greatest asset any person can have. If one is healthy, one can do anything. But if one does not have a healthy body and mind, no amount of riches will bring one happiness. Can one have a healthy body and mind at all times? Yes, that is possible. Because health is a matter of choice.

One can choose to be healthy. But wait. Don’t just start doing physical exercise or run a marathon right away. Becoming healthy requires a lot of preparation and planning. 

Let us find out how we can plan to be perfectly healthy using the above method like this one.

Set A Goal for health management

One needs to first define what being healthy means to them. Is it losing weight? Or is it getting over some chronic disease which has been affecting you for years? Or is it increasing your stamina and endurance? Or is it getting rid of the long standing backache? Once we have defined it, we will have a set goal in mind. But we need to plan how to achieve this goal. And planning is the trickiest part. How does one come up with a plan to become healthy?

Find the good teacher for health expert

Yes, this is your next step. Here, a teacher does not mean someone from a school, college or university. You’ll need to seek out someone who is an expert in that particular field of health and fitness. It could be a gym instructor, a yoga teacher, a doctor or a nutritionist. These teachers have spent years mastering their subject.

For you, becoming healthy is your personal goal. For them, it is their full-time job to make people healthy. So they have ample experience. Should we have only one teacher?

Not really. It’s better if you have a yoga teacher along with a doctor. The yoga teacher will teach you asanas, while the doctor will keep a check on your body readings like blood pressure, sugar level, ETC.

It is important to accept your teacher’s authority completely. You can’t just take some tips from them and not follow it through. You need to accept the fact that your teachers know their job well. Follow their instructions without a doubt and let them work on you. Today, everything a teacher says is available on the internet.

One just has to google to cross-check what the teachers have told. It is nice to be informed, and a second opinion is always a good idea. But remember, technology cannot replace your teacher. No online courses on health will have the effect that a personal trainer can have. Even if you are fully healthy, do not neglect your health. Make health your top priority in life. A wise master once said, A healthy person thinks better.

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