Ileana D’Cruz opens up about body dysmorphia | Ileana D’Cruz instagram , husband ,age ,child & more

Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz was not comfortable in her body for the longest time before she began to focus on the good side rather than the flaws. The Pagalapanti actress, in a recent interview, talked about suffering from body dysmorphia – a mental illness that focused on the perceived defect in appearance. And was told that the disease is the only complication here and your body is not known in this disease. Opening up about her body image issues and insecurities, Ileana revealed that there was a time in the past when she felt “disgusted” looking at herself. It was in 2017 when she first went public with the issue.

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And since then, she has been quite vocal about it. Her Instagram posts and interviews are often about self-love and body positivity. There have been times, as well, in the past when Ileana had been subjected to body shaming by trolls online. Ileana has realized over the years that no man is perfect and she said that the moment one gets peace the moment actually reaches a better state of mind. He said,

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When you embrace each one of you as a whole that somehow makes you so strong and makes you so much more beautiful.” Here Ileana was engaged in Instagram story and laughed. She worries about this. She has also said many times about the issue.

She acknowledges that there are days when she sees herself in the mirror and feels sincere hatred. “But the difference now is that I make it a point to look at myself in the mirror and find an aspect, a trait about me that I like or I like,” she said. She thinks that whoever struggles to accept herself should try it. And everyone can lie to others and not to themselves. If it is not so, then you can see yourself in the mirror.

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