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Hello friends, this is the case, I have come back with an interesting topic for you, if you have been able to go to Dubai or if you have seen Dubai, then you have no idea what we are going to share. Is Dubai as we know that it is the most unique place in the world where not everyone wants it and this is the weird and unique things in the world like Bruj Khalifa Bruj Al Arab and many other places, know about Dubai.

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Dubai’s high wealth fame, strict laws etc. are famous all over the world. Let us know some special things.

(1) First of all, let’s talk of the world’s tallest building, Bruj Khalifa, it has 164 floors and the length of this building is about 800, we can see this building from 90 km distance and so far in the whole world apart from Bruj Khalifa The building is Mahi, which is higher than the Bruj Khalifa, it has been placed in the largest and highest building in this world. Do you have any idea why the Bruj Khalifa is named the Bruj? bruj khalifa .

(2) Crime is 0% in this city, only then it is considered the safest country in the world and it has 0% of the cases of theft. There is one such country, if you leave your phone, you will find it in the nearest police station after two days. And it will not go anywhere, the fact is that crime is 0% in this city, then it is considered the safest country in the world and it has 0% of the cases of theft, here is a country if you leave yourself You will get the phone in two days. You will find it in the nearest police station and it will never go anywhere.

(3) In this city, it is necessary to take a license to keep liquor in the house. It is not allowed to drink alcohol at home without a license.

(4) This is the most expansive and luxury car in the world and the most expansive car in the world is used by the police which is considered to be the most powerful police and here the police have Lamborghini and ferrari and betley car with the police. Is considered.

(5) People in countries around the world have to pay income tax, but Dubai is the only country where income tax is not to be given, that is, what you are earning will go in your pocket.

(6) If you ask any question, the world’s largest shopping mall or the world’s largest flower garden, then you know that Dubai has the highest record of mall , and Dubai has the largest shopping center in Dubai.

(7) And the most important thing in Dubai is that it is a legal offense to have an illegal relationship before marriage in Dubai if anyone is found doing so who is arrested.

(8) And the world’s most special ATM is installed, out of which gold comes out, that is, if you have invested in gold and you need it, then you can get your gold out.

(9) The night life of the world, that is, the night that can make paradise feel, is also Dubai. The night life of Dubai is considered to be the paradise of the world. If you are in Dubai and have gone out at night, then you come in those people who Heaven has seen from the eyes that he gets to eat the world’s most amazing things and roam here.

(10) The name of Dubai is counted in the richest Country which is Superpower but you know that before 1960 there was nothing here to call it richest Country but the world’s fastest growing country is Dubai. and Which Dubai hotel holds the ‘World’s Tallest Hotel’ title? Rose Rayhaan Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel.

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