top 5 exercise boost brain | best exercise for brain health tip & tricks

1. Plyometric box jumps: This is a fave of both Phelps and Stonehouse. Find a sturdy box of a challenging but manageable height, from around three to four feet tall. With your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly and power through your quads and glutes to jump on top of the box, trying to land softly with both feet in a squat. Perform for 30- to 60-second intervals.

2. Set up several cones or markers 25 yards apart for shuttle runs. Phelps advises sprinting from one marker to the other and back for one rep, then resting and repeating six times for a total of 300 yards.

3.Speed ladder work: Set out a ladder and measure your agility by stepping in and out of the rungs in various patterns as quickly as possible, according to Stonehouse.

4. Jump rope: Conventional jump roping is a nice challenge, but Stonehouse recommends changing it up by jumping one foot at a time or alternating the feet forwards and backwards for more agility work.

5. Lateral plyometric jumps: Bend your knees to squat and push through your heels, pushing upwards and sideways towards the other side of the room with your feet no more than hip-width apart. Phelps suggests landing gently and squatting deeply to withstand the shock. Intervals of 30 to 60 seconds should be done.

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