International Space station live fact

Introduction to International Space Station Nasa 

Today, people who are interested in space, everyone wants what is happening in space today, there is some special news, otherwise we will tell you about the world’s largest space station, that is, NASA is a space station that is in space. Knows more about countries. Recently, when the US sends satellites to explore space, everyone has the same expectations.

That this time NASA will give some different information and every year NASA tells something that seems different to everyone and defeats set the record for the year, we will hardly know the information that we are going to tell you.

Those who are interested in space will find an elixir here, do you know who brings all the information of space, today the whole world has been a big step forward for development, some are searching for Mars and some are searching for space.

Those who want to get information about space are often curious, now NASA has achieved the most success. NASA’s goal has always been to explain the world to space and their different parts to the world, and to invent new technology so that they can work in the future.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is the independence arm of the United States of America. The US space agency, which controls satellites and satellites, has full access to it and also sends spacecraft to test it, and NASA is the world’s largest space agency. It is fully controlled by the US.

(1) Do you know what was the name of NASA first (NACA) National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and whose work gave advice or decision in all kinds of dream work and space matters and then later NACA was changed to NACA and takes its work by sending orbit to space and makes all kinds of decisions and also works in space.

(2) And do you know that there are two satellites in space, which is named as NASA tom & jerry. Just like Tom does not hold on to Jerry. There are two satellites in the same way, there are also satellites which chase each other. But are unable to touch who are seen chasing each other as per NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Experiment Follow On (Grace-Foe) missions. Here the mission allows the scientist to better understand the Earth’s climate.

(3) If it is said in simple language, America has two satellites that follow each other around the Earth and measure each other to measure the gravitational pathology.

(4) And Apollo 11 has also auctioned three videotape related to this mission which was sold to Tiro Tempo 1.82 million USD dollar to a buyer on 20 July 2019.

(5) There are photographs shown around the world in the tap, Neil neil armstrong’s first step, after that, after stepping on the lunar surface and putting the American flag on the moon’s surface, there are many headlines in this tape. is present.

(6) Do you know that NASA gives 15000 USD dollars to those people who can – for 90 days can lie on a bed in NASA’s Yogasala for 24 hours to measure the body’s sense of zero gravity.

(7) NASA launched a space probe for the Paletto house in the year 2006 and it is believed that the rocket will return here after 9 years.

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