5 ways to boost your brain power। how to improve your brain power

Introduction of brain

Everyone wants to do something that the world should remember it. We had previously said an article above the brain, so the people asked the question here. Rich people are very caring about taking their brain, why do they spend more time alone? That is because the brain is kept quiet, so to make his brain stronger, he reads the book everyday which the normal people never do. No, the rich people know that their brain will work in the same situation, then we will tell you some steps and tips that will make a big difference in your brain power.

People have been searching for ways to keep their minds healthy for ages and strong, and you can do it too. Boosting your brainpower has never been easier. No matter your age, the brain hacks in this article will help you concentrate longer, boost your memory, stay on top of your game, and keep your brain as safe as possible. You’ll find some hacks all ones you can try right away that will help you do everything from building your memory to rejuvenating and stimulating your mind. The hacks in this article will help your brain become more fit and function better. You should see an improvement in your performance in all areas of your life.

STEP 1. Make A To-Do List

Writing a to-do list might not look like a lot of a brain booster, but it is. Deciding your priorities and filtering out the non-essentials are higher-level psychological feature tasks, and active these skills keep your brain in top-notch form. Making a to-do list creates a mental area for doing different tasks, not simply memory the varied stuff you have to do. Plus, employing a to-do list will cause you to feel good: one study showed that you simply get a bit of dopamine rush on every occasion you cross a task off your to-do list (dopamine causes you to feel good, elevating your mood). You must list even little tasks just for the reward of marking through them. One researcher explained that the frequency of progress is a lot necessary to your brain than however massive the progress is.

STEP 2. Social Media  

You’ve probably had that experience where you go to check social media apps for just a few minutes and three hours later wonder what happened to the time. Or you anxiously await your friends’ “Likes” and ponder when you turned into a lab rat pressing the lever for pellets. A German study showed that one in three people say they feel worse after spending time on social media than they did before, with worse meaning lonely, frustrated, and sad. According to another survey, the more people used social media, the worse they felt. Researchers call this “Social media depression.” One study at Stanford University showed that people who spent a lot of time on social media have trouble filtering out unimportant information and have more trouble remembering things. But that doesn’t mean you have to quit social media cold turkey and go live in a cabin in the woods. In moderation, connecting with others via social media can help you stay in the form of keywords you express yourself and help you become part of a greater community. The keyword is moderation.

STEP 3. Get High On Endorphins 

Did you know that regular exercise has been shown to aid in the treatment of major depression? It’s true. Exercise produces feel-good chemicals, such as endorphins, that help boost mood. Endorphins are neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that help your nerve cells send signals. Endorphins protect you from feeling pain and help elevate your mood. Exercise isn’t the only way to prompt your brain to reward you with those beneficial chemicals, though. You can also stimulate their production by smelling certain aromas, like lavender. Or you can eat something spicy. The burning sensation, caused by capsaicin, prompts the brain to release endorphins. Any of your favorite foods can help move your happiness needle up a notch.

STEP 4. Laugh

It is the best medicine for both our minds and our bodies. For one thing, a good sense of humor provides needed stress relief. When we laugh at our problems rather than fret over them, they can feel less serious and thus seem easier to solve. Humor also improves cognitive function by keeping the mind active and encouraging creative thinking a vital defense against age-related impairments and it provides an important emotional catharsis during periods of emotional tension. Laughing also benefits the heart, improves oxygen flow to the brain lowers your blood pressure, and works the muscles in the head, neck, chest, and pelvis in much the same way as the stress-reduction exercises of yoga. This helps keep muscles loose and limber and enables them to rest more easily. When you laugh, your body activates T cells, which help fight off disease.

STEP 5. Be A Social Butterfly

Spending time with friends and family makes you happy. It improves your satisfaction and well-being while lowering your risk of depression. Connecting with others can also help you ward off dementia. Research has shown the more isolated you are (socially speaking), the more likely you are to develop dementia. In other studies, one-person people who spend time socializing do better on memory tests and other learning. Keeping your brain strong and vital isn’t just a one-person job it takes a village. Throw a party, chat with your friends, share a meal with your kids. It’ll help keep your brain youthful

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