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Friends, in today’s time, everyone is very upset by taking teeth, when light or mindful of any thing does not stop, but if they need clean teeth then we will give you an effective method rather than one so that your teeth are very strong. Will be done nowadays people pay more attention to eating and drinking in the market, which causes many diseases in the body. While many people today are also suffering from dental disease. This problem is seen in young children to older people. People’s teeth look yellow, which makes them unable to laugh openly.

It is said that there are many causes of tooth decay such as excessive consumption of tobacco, and pan masala also increases the risk of such a problem.

But they do not get rid of this problem. If your teeth are getting worse or the teeth have become more yellow. Today we are going to tell you some things that can be used to remove the dirt on your teeth in a pinch. Yellow stains on can be completely removed.

How to get white teeth


It is said that flossing i.e. brushing teeth is also considered to be a good remedy, people who cannot clean the dirt on the teeth with a toothbrush should definitely adopt this remedy.

Coconut oil

Use coconut oil if you want to make your teeth more shiny. Normally this is used for many things, but if you want to remove dirt and blackness on the teeth, it can also be used to clean your teeth. Will help.


Let us tell you that the toothpaste we use for brushing also has a lot of effect on our teeth. In this case, it is very important that you check it before buying any toothpaste. Check whether it is fluoride or not.

Aloe Vera gel

In this remedy you need to make a paste with aloe vera gel, glycerin, baking soda and lemon. And brush with this. It is said that by doing this the dirt on the teeth is cleaned and the teeth look whiter.

Yellow fruits | vegetables | best fruits for health | best fruits for eat


Everyone knows that the antioxidants found in oranges are very effective in cleaning teeth. So if you also want to keep your teeth clean, you should keep orange juice in your mouth for a while. And then clean your mouth thoroughly. In addition, more white fruits and vegetables should be consumed to whiten black or yellow teeth.Oranges: Nutrition & Health Benefits Difficult Things About Benefit Of Orange 2021

Whitening teeth

Figs are also considered to be very useful for cleaning teeth. Let me tell you that figs contain many essential nutrients. In this case, if figs remove stagnant cavities in the teeth. The remedy should also be adopted.

Lemon is very powerful for week teeth

It is said that lemon can also be very useful for whitening teeth. Let me tell you that lemons have anti-bacterial properties. Dip the brush once in lemon juice and then brush. Doing so gives a new shine to the teeth.

Neem oil every morning used teeth oil

Let me tell you that neem is also very useful. In general, it is very bitter in taste. But its benefits are very effective. It is said that neem removes bacteria. Yellow teeth turn white very quickly.

its 100 % work for whitening teeth and clean teeth baking soda

Baking soda is one of the most used items. In this case, let us tell you that if you brush with baking soda, the dirt on the teeth will be removed quickly. For this, you need to clean the teeth using baking soda with lukewarm water. The teeth become white and shiny.12 Useful Tips From Experts In Benefits Of Pomegranate-2021

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