Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Marie Antoinette was the queen of France, who was married to King Louis XVI of France. Mary Antoinette is one of the characters with the most myths around the world. Also, his personality is still a matter of mystery. Some historians call Mary very good as a human being So some do not harm their evil. However, historians’ views towards Mari have changed in the last few years and they have found that the death penalty given to them for royal expenses and all the charges was wrong. Also, most of the allegations leveled against him were part of the conspiracies.

Marie Antoinette Syndrome
Marie Antoinette Syndrome

What is this syndrome? Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Marie Antoinette syndrome refers to a situation where someone’s hair suddenly turns white (canities). The name of this condition comes from folklore about the French queen Marie Antoinette, whose hair supposedly turned white suddenly before her execution in 1793. Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Graying of the hair is natural with age. As you grow older, you may start to lose the melanin pigments that are responsible for your hair color. But this condition is not age-related. It’s related to a form of alopecia areata a type of sudden hair loss. (It’s also important to note that, regardless of whether the stories are true, Marie Antoinette was only 38 years old at the time of her death).


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While it’s possible for your hair to turn white in a relatively short amount of time, this isn’t likely to happen within minutes, as is suggested by supposed historical accounts. Learn more about the research and causes behind Marie Antoinette syndrome, and whether you need to see your doctor.

What does the research say? Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Research doesn’t support the theory of sudden hair whiteness. Still, tales of such incidents from history continue to run rampant. Besides the infamous Marie Antoinette, other famous figures in history have also reportedly experienced sudden changes in their hair color. One notable example is Thomas More, who was said to have experienced a sudden whitening of his hair before his execution in 1535. Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Marie Antoinette Syndrome
Marie Antoinette Syndrome

A report published in the Archives of Dermatology also notes witness accounts of bombing survivors from World War II experiencing a sudden whitening of the hair. Sudden hair color changes have additionally been noted in literature and science fiction, usually with psychological undertones.


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Still, as Dr. Murray Feingold writes in metro West Daily News, no research to date suggests that you can lose your hair color over night. Indeed, one article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine argues that historical accounts of sudden white hair were likely linked to alopecia or to the washing out of temporary hair dye. Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Conclusion about of Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Marie Antoinette Syndrome. Before her execution in 1793, French queen Marie Antoinette noticed that her hair was suddenly turning white. Although this story is just folklore, there may be some truth to it in regards to the Marie Antoinette Syndrome, a condition in which one’s hair abruptly turns white. To further explore this syndrome, Zhang et al. designed an experiment measuring the rate of hair greying in mice after experiencing acute stress in conjunction with the depletion of melanocyte stem cells. Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Balanced groups of male and female mice with black coats were used within the experiments, where all mice were also in the same hair cycles (determined by shaving their hair and monitoring qualitative changes) and age ranges. Marie Antoinette Syndrome The mice were put through three types of stress to induce hair greying: restraint stress, chronic unpredictable stress, and nociception-induced stress.

The research team found that all three of the stressors instigated an increase in grey hair (unpigmented hair) numbers, with restraint stress and chronic unpredictable stress leading to grey-hair production within 3-5 of hair cycles and nociception-induced stress leading to grey-hair production after just one round of hair cycles. By tracking melanocyte stem cell depletion with the injection of RTX (nociception-induced stress) into the mice, it can be reasonably concluded that a lack of these cells is correlated with grey hair. Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Under stress, sympathetic nerves are activated and the release of norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter) is expedited, causing melanocytes to multiply rapidly. By proliferating, these cells differentiate and migrate, decreasing the number of melanocyte stem cells at the original niche and bringing about grey hair. Marie Antoinette Syndrome. This effect of melanocyte stem cells on the discoloration of hair was supported by a trial in which stress was applied to the mice, but the proliferation and migration of the melanocyte stem cells were blocked, thus preventing grey, discolored hair from coming about.

Marie Antoinette Syndrome. Acute stress leads to a permanent depletion of melanocyte stem cells, which can have multiple negative effects, including non-reversible damage to tissue regeneration. This study opens up doors in regards to pigment-producing cells and their connection to the nervous system. This may provide insight into understanding how animals such as octopi or chameleons change the color of their integument in response to stress or danger by coordinating with their nervous system. Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

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