Apollo Pharmacy Franchise In India Apollo Pharmacy Business Plan Full Guide

Apollo Pharmacy franchise:- Apollo Pharmacy, which is Apollo Enterprise Hospital’s unit, is considered India’s first pharmaceutical network. Apollo Pharmaceuticals was started in 1987. The founder of the company is Dr. Prathap C. Reddy who is India’s second-largest civilian award recipient Padma Vibhushan.

Apollo Pharmacy franchise :- Apollo Pharmaceutical has made its presence known in various different parts of India. The company has more than 3500 outlets that exist in over 18 states in the country. Apollo Pharmacy stores sell over 5000 medicinal products of various categories such as childcare, vitamins, health foods, supplements, etc. Of those 5,000 products, it is estimated that about 400 are exclusive of the Apollo Pharmaceutical brand. Apollo Pharmacy franchise According to the company’s vice president Atul Ahuja, the company aims to grow by 30-35 percent each year and wants to add about 250 outlets each year. One more thing that makes Apollo Pharmacy stores popular among the Indian community is the fact that they are open for 24 hours every day, so anyone who needs to visit one of the Apollo stores can any time of day and has what he or she needs.

Apollo Pharmacy Business Plan

Apollo Pharmacy franchise :- Apollo Pharmaceuticals focuses on certain aspects as part of their business plan. This helps the growth and development of the country. One aspect that the company focuses on is product availability. The Apollo Pharmaceutical products are available to customers online and offline and the stores are open 24 hours a day as well. Another area the company focuses on as part of their business plan is the sales generated by the stores in a year’s time. The company is researching what products are in high demand and therefore makes these products available in its stores to increase sales and generate more revenue.

How to Get an Apollo Pharmaceutical Franchise?

Apollo Pharmacy franchise:- There are a lot of benefits of investing in a company like Apollo Pharmacy and owning one of its outlets. The first and most obvious benefit of investing in Apollo Pharmacy is that the company has a well-known and well-known brand name in India. This helps the franchise to attract a lot of customers to his or her store and also helps increase the outlet sales. Another benefit that the individual gets by partnering with Apollo Pharmacy is that the expected profits from running the store on Apollo Pharmaceutical are considered to be significantly high. Another benefit provided by Apollo Pharmacy is that it gives the employees of the store the opportunity to learn first-class. They can get more information by actually being on the field. Apollo Pharmacy franchise

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Apollo Pharmacy franchise:- There are certain steps that one has to follow in order to become the shop owner of Apollo Pharmaceutical. Below is a list of steps a person should follow if he or she wants to become an Apollo Pharmacy Store owner.

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  • The first thing your individual needs to do is to become the shop owner of Apollo Pharmaceutical to visit the official website of the company.
  • Upon arrival there, he or she must complete an application form applying for the Apollo Pharmacy franchise. Apollo Pharmacy franchise
  • The applicant must complete certain personal and professional details in this form.
  • After submitting the form, it is reviewed by the support team of Apollo Pharmacy.
  • If the application gets accepted, then the people of Apollo Pharmacy contact the candidate to take things forward.
  • Apollo Pharmaceutical Requirements Apollo Pharmacy franchise
  • As with any franchise in the others, there are certain requirements that individual requirements must be met to become the shop owner of Apollo Pharmacy. The first requirement relates to the outlet area or space required to set up the store. The area should be sufficient so that all medicines have room to store and the employees can walk freely while performing their duties as well. For Apollo Pharmaceuticals, the area required by an individual comes in at around 10 to 15 square meters. Apollo Pharmacy franchise,Apollo Pharmacy franchise
  • Another factor that the candidate needs to fulfill is the number of workers. The franchisee who runs the store must have at least two employees.
Apollo Pharmacy franchise
Apollo Pharmacy franchise

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Cost

Apollo Pharmacy franchise :- Every investor worth his or her salt takes into account the cost of the investment when deciding whether or not to invest in a particular company. Apollo Pharmaceutical provides two franchise options for potential investors. One is the single unit franchise and the other is the master franchise. The amount of money that investors need to put up in order to become the sole unit owner of Apollo Pharmacy is estimated to be around 5 to 10 lakh rupees. For the Apollo Pharmacy master store, an investor has to put up around 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

Profit margin

Apollo Pharmacy franchise :- While there is no specific number or statistic on the internet to show how profitable an Apollo Pharmacy franchise is, it can safely be said that the owner of the Apollo Pharmacy store stands to earn a significant profit by investing in the company.

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Benefits of Apollo Pharmacy Franchisee Outlet In India

  • Medicine is a recession-proof industry. So, you can earn profits in a time even when the economy is downwards. Apollo Pharmacy franchise
  • Apollo is a well-known brand. Additionally, people trust the brand for good quality products through a transparent billing system.
  • Apart from medicine, you can sell baby care, personal care, and FMCG items from the same store. It helps in increasing the overall turn over thus profits.
  • With a small startup investment, you can start the business as a franchise partner of the Apollo brand. Apollo Pharmacy franchise
  • Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Cost and Profit Apollo Pharmacy franchise
  • We didn’t get any specific data about the specific investment amount for opening a pharmacy franchise outlet of Apollo from the official site. However, starting a medicine store generally requires an investment of Rs 5,00,000 to 1o,00,000. Additionally, you will need to secure commercial retail space for establishing the store.

Apollo Pharmacy franchise :- Generally, the franchiser company set the terms in getting the sales commission from the medicine retail sale. Also, it varies from product to product. In most of the cases, franchiser offers better margin on their own branded products and FMCG items.

Apollo Pharmacy franchise
Apollo Pharmacy franchise

Requirements for Apollo Pharmacy franchise

Apollo Pharmacy franchise :- So, expected investments for Apollo Pharmacy for a single unit franchise falls for Rs. 5-10 Lakhs. Now. if it is rented then you might be charged 20-25k or might be more than that and if the land is purchased then you’ll know it once you contact the owner.

Area Requirements The minimum requirement for a small shop is 10-15 meters but if you like to have it more spacious as a megastore then it can go with 15 meters is good enough. Apollo Pharmacy franchise

There should be enough space for the shop’s accessories like the fridge, billing counter, printer-computer machine and etc. Now, I hope that you are quite familiar with the basic Area Requirements. Quite a short section it was, let’s move on now. Apollo Pharmacy franchise

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Inquiry

Apollo Pharmacy franchise :- There may be times when a person may have a doubt or a question but he or she is unable to get in touch with anyone in the company who can resolve the issue on their competence. So, if anyone has any questions or problems and wants to contact the company’s support staff to answer their queries, then they can use the following information.

Address :- 65/68, Murugesanaickar Complex,
3rd Floor Loyal Tower,
A Thousand Lights,
Chennai – 600006.
Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Number (044) 28245800 24/7 HOUR
Web Address

Conclusion About of Apollo Pharmacy franchise

Apollo Pharmacy franchise :- I hope you find the information here very helpful, if you have any question, you can ask by commenting, in this post we have learned that we have taken information about Apollo Pharmacy franchise, we have prepared you here by doing many types of research. And we request the readers who read this post that if you think that this post is beneficial for you, then definitely tell us by commenting in the comment box and also if you have any valuable suggestion then write to us too. we can make our content more public useful.


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