How to Become a Asian Paints Dealership How To Start Asian Paints Dealership Business In India

Asian paints Dealership

Asian paints Dealership:- If you are planning to start a paint dealership business in India, then choosing Asian paints Dealership would be a great idea. For many decades Asian paints is the largest paint company in India. As of 2020 it is operating in 15 countries all over the world and is the third-largest paint company in Asia. In India, it has 15 manufacturing plants with a headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Asian Paints group is the holding company of Berger International. Asian paints have a market share of almost 40% in the Indian paint industry. The company mainly deals with manufacturing, selling, and distribution of paints & coatings, home decor products, bathroom fittings, and related services. did you know Asian paints owned by the TATA company?

Unlike other paint brands, Asian paints don’t offer distributorship and sub-dealership. It operates in only a direct dealership model. This article will give you information regarding getting an Asian paint dealership, its cost & profit and eligibility to get the dealership, etc. This article will discuss the essential requirements in this guide on how to get an Asian Paints Dealership in India.

Asian Paint Dealership Opportunity In India

What are the Asian Paint Dealership Opportunity? As an authorized seller of the business, you can sell all those products in your area. But it is possible to talk to the local painters and other paint dealers to get more specific thoughts about specific product recognition. Also, you can provide services like paint choice, the funding calculation to your clients.

How to Become a Asian Paints Dealership How To Start Asian Paints Dealership Business In India
Asian Paints Dealership

Products Portfolio

Asian paints Dealership:- The product Portfolio is made up of a wide range of paints for different purposes. So, the potential for making a profitable revenue is higher than other manufacturers. Asian Paints distributes its products in nook & corner of the country. Additionally, the business has strategic advertising and brand building plan. Thus, better brand visibility assists the traders to enhance the customer base.

Brand Equity

Asian paints Dealership:- Asian Paints has been ranked 8 in Forbes magazine listing of the world’s most innovative companies. So, its highly accepted brand worth helps the dealers to operate the business smoothly.

Asian Paints Dealership Cost In India

Look for Asian Paints Dealership Cost; It is a Low-cost prospect. Not just in the cities, but you can also open an Asian Paints dealership company even in the small cities and rural places. Having an investment ability of Rs 5 lac and industrial retail space, you are eligible for applying for the dealership chance.

Mainly You need to have a retail area in a prominent location. Moreover, you will have to have a startup investment capacity of Rs 5 to 10 lac.

Asian paints Dealership:- Actually, How much does it cost to obtain an Asian Paints dealership is dependent upon several facets. To start with, you’ll have to buy a color mixing machine in the corporation. And you Will need to secure the inventory stock. Moreover, you must have a computer and printer for daily operation. And lastly, you’ll need to decorate the shop with the essential furniture and fittings.

How to Become a Asian Paints Dealership How To Start Asian Paints Dealership Business In India
How to Become an Asian Paints Dealership How To Start Asian Paints Dealership Business In India

Here is the breakdown of the investment:-

  • Firstly, you need to buy a colour mixing machine from the company, costing you an approx of 1.5Lacs. Asian paints Dealership
  • You need to have an initial stock purchase and a fee of 3.5 to 4 Lakhs approx, including the GST.
  • For the shop interiors, it costs around 1.5lakhs. Asian paints Dealership
  • For daily operation,you need to have printers and computer systems which cost INR 50,000.
  • Other expenses may cost around 20,000 INR.

How to Get Dealership of Asian Paints

Asian paints Dealership:- How to Get Dealership of Asian Paints? First of All, you’ll have to contact the corporation. And also you can do it in 2 ways. To start with, you can directly send an email to the company with specific details. Just share your contact information within an email to the following email identification

Please note that the subject of the email needs to say “Asian Paints Dealership Request”. Please say your name, Contact Address (with all the district), Shop Name, Contact Numbers :- Mobile and Landline, Email Id :- (in case you have an email id). When the company gets the information, company officials will respond to you as soon as possible.

Or you Can contact the regional Sales Manager of the company. The company staff will contact you personally and after getting selected you will get the dealership agreement from the corporation.

Asian Paints Dealership Contact Details

Here is the Asian Paints Dealership Contact Details.

Head Office

  • Asian Paints Limited,
  • Asian Paints House
  • 6A, Shantinagar, Santacruz (E),
  • Mumbai — 400 055, India.
  • For Dealership queries, email to

Asian paints Dealership :- Asian Paints distributes its products and services by retailers, wholesalers, And traders. Apart from the home owners, the company has a wide customer range In the industrial and automobile industries. We hope, this article will Help you in applying to the Asian Paints dealership opportunity in your area.

Asian Paints Dealership Profit Margin

Asian paints Dealership :- For the Profit margin in these businesses. You will get approximately a 3% – 8% rim on your sales. Compared to other products, Asian Paints offers less margin to its dealers.

But you will get more deals than other brands as the company has a 40% market share in the Indian paint industry.

The company Asian Paints also offers Cash discounts and RPBT discounts to their dealers. For any Dealership in Paint, the company decides about the company’s schemes and bonuses.

The company offers Cash discounts of up to 5% if the payments are made under three days. When the payment is made within nine days, you will get RPBT discounts of up to 3.5%.

Details Required for Registration and Licenses

To start an Asian Paints Dealership Business in India. It would help if you had these specific Certificates. Asian paints Dealership

  • An Authorized Certification from Asian Paints.
  • A registration form for shops and establishments from the local government.
  • A Trade license from your Municipality.
  • GST Registration.
  • Business Registration sole proprietorship/LLP/Pvt lmt)
  • A bank statement of six months.
  • Agreements or documents about your land & Shop.


Q. Who to contact for the dealership in Asian Paints?
Ans: You need to email and share your details.

Q. Is it necessary to have a retail commercial Space?
Ans: Yes, It is necessary to have retail, commercial space in a prominent location.

Q. What is the Profit margin in the Asian Paints dealership?
Ans: you can expect a profit margin of 3% – 8% depending upon the margin.

Q. When were Asian Paints started Asian paints Dealership?
Ans: It was started before independence in 1945 by Suryakant Dani, Champaklal Choksey, and Chimanlal Choksi.


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