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Ekart Franchise Cost In India

Ekart franchise :- If you want to provide a good service to your customer, then you have to change your delivery service because it is the work that is stopping you from providing good service. If you also have a shopping website, then take the service of Ekart logistics today and if you want to take its franchise So there is a good thing for you, what is needed to get a franchise and why should I take this service, we will tell you all kinds of things. Ekart franchise

What is Ekart Logistic Franchise ?

Ekart Franchise
Ekart Franchise

Ekart franchise :- Courier or logistic business is same and it is well known as transport business.You can start your own transport company where you need to get Govt permission for company incorporation. On the other hand you can run logistic business under an existing logistic company.

Here you don’t need complex documentation from Govt side,you get authorization from the logistic partner.This logistic business concept is called logistic franchise. We would like to inform you that each company has their own logistic rules and conditions. Ekart franchise

When you take their franchise you are obliged to follow all their terms and conditions. Before starting logistic business you should know what is supply chain ? and Why logistics Management is Important. Ekart franchise

What is Ekart courier Franchise cost ?

Ekart franchise :- The most important part of any business is Investment. Without having complete knowledge of business cost you can’t not start the franchise. People often ask what is the exact ekart franchise opening cost ? This is still unknown as the franchise setup cost is only revealed after getting approval. If you have nearby ekart hub who are already running the business you can consult with them. But if you want to know the average courier franchise cost it is between 50,000 to 1 Lakh. Here also the cost is not correct because there are so many other expenditure which you have to pay while running Ekart Logistics Franchise. These are as follows. Ekart franchise

  • Land cost : If you have your own office space or business place you will save the land purchasing cost. Otherwise you have to pay rent annually or monthly to land owner. Ekart franchise
  • Manpower : The second expense comes when you recruit stuff for your business. You need to pay them on monthly basis or daily. It is around 8,000 to 12,000 for each stuff (Monthly).
  • Vehicle cost : This is one time cost to run logistic business. However, there may be vehicle maintenance cost. Ekart franchise
  • Godown : You store parcels in your business place. But when stock more items, you need to increase the godown size. Thus extra money involved in godown expanding.

How to select franchise Location ?

Ekart franchise :- Choose business location wisely to become successful. Yes, your wrong location selection may lead to ruin your franchise dream. Courier or transport business is perfect if you have place beside main road. You can easily load or unload goods from trucks. It saves extra carrying cost. The place should be wide enough to store parcels in large quantity.

Who is Eligible to apply for Ekart franchise ?

Ekart franchise :- Any individual who are Indian citizen can apply for Ekart franchise. There is no specific skill is required or high education. However if you know about Logistics functions and main activities it will help to manage your business. Besides that you should be committed and dedicated for this delivery business. A franchise owner must recruit stuff who is ready to tackle all delivery related trouble. Hard work and consistent effort brings success for any business.

Ekart franchise :- When a company wants to expand their services, franchise program is the best way to reach customers. India is a large country and the total number of pin codes according to most accurate data is 19400. Ekart can’t deliver to all these pincodes without opening their franchise. Therefore everyday new franchise partner making this possible by joining ekart delivery network.

Ekart Franchise
Ekart Franchise

Ekart delivery benefits & Why choose ekart

  • Fast courier service Ekart franchise
  • India’s number one leading and trusted logistic company.
  • They provide 24/7 customer service.
  • One day delivery is now possible Ekart franchise
  • Good business policy and high return
  • Experts provide practical training Ekart franchise
  • Cutting edge technology for tracking and parcel delivery.

Space requirement is very important

Ekart franchise :- In logistic business more space is the biggest advantage. You can park your vechiles, unload goods instantly, large volume quantity easily managed. Now, it does not mean you can’t start business from a medium place. If you have minimum 300 sqft to 500 sqft, you are eligible to start Ekart Logistics Franchise. Later you can expand and grow your business. Ekart franchise

How to Run Ekart Logistic Franchise?

Ekart franchise :- Each business industry has their own accessories list. Without these accessories, you can’t run the business. For courier business some are the mandatorty items you have to purchase. These are as follows :-

  • Packaging tape : Tape is used for product sealing and packaging. It is mandatory for this business. Ekart franchise
  • Computers : While you do business you need to update the delivery status to the higher authority. You can use desktop computer or laptop.
  • High speed internet connection : Good internet connection is required for data transmission.
  • Scanner / printer / Bar code reader Ekart franchise
  • Shipping label : For specific product recolonization and handling caution warning

What is Ekart delivery business profit margin ?

Ekart franchise :- The profit margin depends on parcel category, size and entire product price. Therefore it is difficult to tell you the exact delivery commission. But the business is very profitable according to existing franchise owner. If you get even small percentage from Ekart, your income would be really surprising. They ship million of shipments each month with their partner delivery services. Ekart franchise


Is ekart franchise profitable ?
Ekart franchise
:- Whether you take Ekart delivery franchise or any other logistic company franchise, the ultimate business profitability depends on your franchise management. If you talk about Ekart, no doubt the company provides very good profit margin. Now if you can deliver more parcels on time, your earning will be high. This business is very profitable and requires low investment.

How can I get franchise of Flipkart ?
Ekart franchise
:- Ekart is integrated logistic chain of Flipkart. It means whenever you place an order on Flipkart, the order will be delivered via Ekart. Here it defines that Flipkart delivery franchise mean Ekart courier franchise. Therefore if you are interested to be part of Flipkart logistic franchise, you need to apply for Ekart franchise.

How do I become delivery franchise ?
Ekart franchise
:- Delivery business means you want to start courier or logistic business. Now when it comes to delivery business there are so many top delivery companies in India and abroad. For taking their franchise you need to apply for their franchise. Generally you can request franchise from company’s official website. Some of the popular courier companies in India are Bluedart DTDC, FedEx, DHL, Ekart and more.

Is Ekart Owned by Flipkart ?
Yes it is owned and managed by Flipkart parent company. All logistics operation managed by Flipkart. Ekart franchise

Where to find ekart logistics franchise near me ?
Although Ekart has official website ( ) but they did not have franchise locator service.You can’t check nearby ekart franchise through pin code.However,you can try to find with the help of Google maps.We are not sure that you will get exact information but it helps a lot.There is alternative way which is Flipkart customer care team.You can call them and ask for location and address. Ekart franchise


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