Medlife Franchise Medlife Pharma Healthcare Pvt Ltd How To Start A Medlife Franchise in India?

Introduction About Midlife

Medlife Franchise :- The pharma industry is always a profitable business in India and continues to be a booming industry. According to various statistics, it is estimated that the Indian pharmaceutical sector caters to almost 50% of drugs and vaccines across the globe.

Medlife is one of the largest online pharmacies in India, offering pharmacy services, diagnostics, and e-consultation across various cities in India. If you are looking to open a Medlife Franchise, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be providing all the information you will need to start your online pharmacy business in a quick time.

One of the main USP of Medlife is to provide affordable healthcare services to everyone. Medlife has certainly created a huge revolution in the pharmaceutical industry and has amassed a customer base of more than 1 billion people in a quick time.

Medlife also provides call-to-order services for people not knowing computers and online ordering. Another major USP of Medlife that made it one of India’s largest e-Pharmacy is that it offers its customers e-consultation services for free.

What is Midlife Franchises

Medlife Franchise :- Starting a Medlife medical store is not like any other regular franchise. In Medlife, the franchise business is all about the agent-assisted model, and it’s responsible for quick transactions, excellent customer support, and hassle-free drugs and vaccine delivery.

By starting as a Medlife franchise, the agent will play a huge role in assisting customers in purchasing medicines and other services online and through medicine points and make money in the process through commissions.

Benefits of Medlife Franchises

Medlife Franchise :- There are so many benefits that would attract you to start franchise. Medlife franchise has very low investment which is very positive aspect for all beginners. They have powerful business model which will help you to build and manage medicine franchise.

Taking Medlife franchise provides you multiple opportunity and multiple revenue sources. Other medicine franchise they only provide facility of selling medicine and you get permission. Medlife has other sources, appointing doctor consultation services, lab testing and more.

Becoming a medlife pharmacy franchise partner can provide a lot of benefits, as listed below:-

  • Medlife franchise model is a unique business opportunity that requires only a low investment compared to other franchise businesses
  • Becoming a Medlife franchise entitles you to various revenue sources
  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI)
  • No investment need to be made for the inventory
  • Medlife attracts customers by offering a flat discount of 20% on their prescription medications and some e-payment options.
  • Excellent training and marketing support to grow the business
  • It comes with territorial rights as well
  • Exclusive benefits for women entrepreneurs
  • Best performing agents are provided with awards and incentives in recognition of their work and performances.
  • Medlife offers its franchises with operation support all the time

Requirements for Starting a Medlife Franchise in India

If you are planning to take a Medlife Pharmacy Franchise in your city, then please read carefully the requirements need to be fulfilled.

Area Requirement

Medlife Franchise :- To start a franchise, an agent needs to have at least a physical store area of around 120 sq. ft along with a minimum of 2 x1.5 feet of space outside the shop to display the Medlife signage board. The maximum size of the board can extend up to 6×3 ft.

How does the franchise program work

Medlife Franchise :- The program works following some certain steps. The process can be explain in five easy steps.

  • You place order for your customer using their login credentials.
  • Franchise owner collects RX from customers.
  • The next job is to login in Medlife customer franchise portal to place an order. The franchise owner uses customer ID to place the order.
  • Medlife sends OTP verification to customer. You get OTP code and enter on the portal.
  • Particular order is then deliver the customer invoice by TSA.
  • The franchise owner gets Commission on monthly basis on the net bill amount.

Experience & Skills Required Must

  • One of the basic requirements to become a Medlife Franchise agent is to be willing to work hard and stay dedicated to the working assigned to them.
  • Basic knowledge of computer operation is required for billing, add/update and edit drugs and search medicines.
  • Basic reading knowledge to understand the prescription issued by the doctors and provide the proper medications in a quick time.
  • Answering all calls coming to the store in a professional manner
  • Adhere to the store timings
  • Mandatory to have a degree in either D.Pharm or B.Pharm
  • Pharma assistants need to have a minimum qualification of SSLC
  • Minimum 1year experience as a pharmacist in a store


Medlife Franchise :- Medlife will provide all the necessary training, marketing collaterals, and operation manuals to their franchises at the start. Hence, franchises don’t need to invest in anything for training, signage boards, inventory, etc. The operational manual provided clearly states how billing work needs to be carried out on the computer.

Every bill needs to be carried out by placing an order on the computer. Separate login credentials will be provided to the customer. Before placing every order, an OTP message will be sent to the agent’s phone, and only after entering the OTP (One Time Password) will the agent be able to place the order successfully on the computer.

How to Apply for Medlife Pharmacy Franchise?

Medlife Franchise :- Agents wondering how to get a franchise of Medlife and looking to start a Medlife franchise can contact them by email or contact their customer support through a MedLife franchise contact number. They will be sent with an enrollment form. Agents need to fill that out along with attaching a scanned copy of their pan card, a cancelled cheque, along with a photo.

Once the documents are checked and verified, a team and Medlife will inspect the store premises, and if it satisfies their requirements, then you will be provided with a Franchise of Medlife.

MedLife Franchise Contact Details

Head office address : 5th & 6th Floor, Vaswani Centropolis, Langford Road, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027

Website addressMedlife Franchise Program

Medlife franchise contact number – 080 68400161 +91 7259447952


Medlife Franchise :- I hope the information here has been very helpful to you, if you have any question, then you can ask by commenting, in this post we have learned that we have taken information about the Medlife franchise, we have prepared you here by doing many types of research and We request the readers who read this post that if you feel that this post is beneficial for you, then definitely tell us by commenting in the comment box and also if you have any valuable suggestion then write to us so that we can share our content.


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