Aptivate Syrup Uses, Benefits, Side Effect Public Question Answer How To Use Aptivate Syrup & More

Aptivate Syrup Uses :- Today we will know about aptivate syrup, how it works here and its sytmal and side effects and benefits, although here the medicine is specially made for stomach problem. The solution to all the problems in the stomach is syrup here, it is used in many ways, its tablet also comes. And if there was pain in the stomach for more than a few days, then the doctor would have advised you this syrup, that is why it is successful in fighting many types of problems in the stomach here. And who does not feel hungry, then you can take the advice of your doctor, here aptivate syrup is a medicine for stomach problems that comes in a bottle, which you can also take from your medical store. Aptivate Syrup Uses

You will get this medicine at every medical store, but you have to take the medicine here only on the advice of your doctor, if you automatically take the medicine from the medical store here. So that will be your responsibility, here before taking the medicine, you must take the permission of the doctor, otherwise you may have to suffer.

Product Information

  1. Manufactured by: Lupine Limited
  2. Activates appetite naturally
  3. Flavor :- Pineapple Flavor
  4. Recommended Dosage : For children – one teaspoon thrice a day before meals or as directed by the physician and for adults the recommended dosage is two teaspoonfuls thrice a day.

Sorbiline syrup uses in Hindi उपयोग फायदे और साइड इफ़ेक्ट जाने ?


  • Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) 75 mg
  • Saunf (Foeniculum vulgare) 37.50 mg
  • Kutki (picrorhiza kurroa)37.50mg
  • Vidang(embelia ribes) 18.75 mg
  • Nagarmotha(cyperus rotundas) 18.75 mg
  • Jeera(cuminumcyminum)18.75mg
  • Pippali(piper longum) 18.75 mg
  • Yavani(Trachyspermum ammi)18.75 mg
  • Sodium benzoate 0.2%
  • Sodium methylparaben 0.12%
  • Sodium propylparaben 0,02% in a flavoured syrup base

Which company made this aptivate syrup?

Aptivate Syrup Uses :- Here the medicine is made in India and here no side effects of the medicine have been found so far, due to some mistake this medicine has been misused but you must talk to your doctor before taking the medicine here.

  1. Medicine name :- aptivate syrup
  2. India Manufactured by Company: Lupine Limited
  3. Pack :- 175 ML
  4. Price :- 102 to 110
 Aptivate Syrup Uses
Aptivate Syrup Uses

Who can take this medicine?

Getting medicine here is very effective in removing the problem of stomach ache or loss of appetite and here the medicine can be used tightly by children and adults.

How does aptivate syrup work?

Aptivate Syrup Uses :- Here the medicine is very successful in fighting the bacteria in your stomach, here the food gets frozen in the stomach and if there is a wound or dirty bacteria in the stomach.It kills them and removes the problem of stomach, due to the bacteria in us, we do not feel hungry and we feel that our stomach is full. Which are dirty bacteria in our stomach, which can cure your stomach problem in 5 days by taking regular intake of Aptivate Syrup Uses here. Kills the bacteria in your stomach and cleans the stomach, due to which we start feeling hungry again, here it is useful in many diseases. Like indigestion, feeling full, abdominal pain and gas in the stomach, here Aptivate Syrup Uses cures all kinds of diseases.

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Benefits of Aptivate syrup

Here the medicine is useful in the problem of loss of appetite and in whatever problem there is in the stomach, we are making you the benefits of this syrup that here the medicine is useful in many other diseases like :-

  1. If you are suffering from asthma then the syrup here is very effective in asthma.
  2. Apart from this, it is also used to reduce hunger.
  3. Here the medicine is very beneficial for the people going into depression, here the medicine is also effective in this.
  4. The use of this aptivate syrup is also successful in the problem of indigestion in the stomach.
  5. The medicine here is very helpful to remove the problem like constipation occurring in the stomach.
  6. This medicine is also used in abdominal pain.
  7. aptivate syrup is also helpful in flatulence problem
  8. aptivate syrup is also very useful in stomachache.
  9. You can also use aptivate syrup in the problem of fullness of the stomach.


It is very easy to use the medicine here, you just have to follow some kind of rule and here you take the medicine only on the advice of your doctor, if you do not do this then you can be in big trouble.

  1. Take aptivate syrup at regular time as prescribed by your doctor.
  2. How many times a day to take the medicine here, definitely ask the doctor here.
  3. You must eat food before taking medicine here.
  4. Here before taking aptivate syrup, you can take warm or normal water so that you do not have problems like vomiting.
  5. If there is a problem like vomiting after taking the medicine here, then you must tell the doctor.
  6. If you have a problem like dizziness after taking the medicine here, then you should see the doctor immediately.
  7. Here, for whom are you taking the medicine and how many times a day you have to give the medicine to them, definitely ask the doctor here.
  8. One teaspoonful thrice a day before meals or as directed by the physician and the recommended dosage for adults is two teaspoonfuls thrice a day.

Side Effect

Aptivate Syrup Uses :- Although there is no side effect of the medicine here yet, but if you have dizziness or allergy to the medicine after taking the medicine here, then you must visit your doctor because its side effect is detected very late.

Oregano in hindi ओरेगेनो के उपयोग प्रकार इस्तेमाल और फायदे नुकशान जाने ?


Public Question Answer Aptivate Syrup Uses :-

Q1: How much syrup comes in the bottle?

Ans: This particular bottle comes with 450ml of pineapple flavoured syrup. There are also 200ml and 175ml bottle sizes available.

Q2: Does the syrup contain sugar?

Ans: Yes, sugar is part of the ingredients in this syrup. If you have blood glucose problems, please consult a doctor before using this product.

Q4: Does it contain parabens?

Ans: Yes, Aptivate Syrup contains parabens. The full list of ingredients is available on the product label.

Q3: Can it be taken during pregnancy?

Ans: If you are pregnant or lactating, please consult a doctor before taking this product.

 Aptivate Syrup Uses
Aptivate Syrup Uses


Aptivate Syrup Uses :- I hope that the information here will be very helpful to you, if you have any question, then you can ask by commenting, in this post we have learned that Aptivate Syrup Uses, we have also taken detailed information about it, we have given you information here by doing many types of research. have prepared. Aptivate Syrup Uses

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Aptivate Syrup Uses :- If you have to take medicine here, then definitely take advice from your doctor about Dev here, then use it without doctor’s advice here it can be dangerous, it can have side effects, if you tell your doctor the medicine here, they advise If you take it, then if you have any kind of problem with you, the doctor will be able to take immediate action.

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