Subway Franchise How to Start Subway Franchise Eligibility, Investment, Profit and More

Introduction About Subway Franchise

Subway Franchise :- Subway Franchise is a good opportunity for you to do business. In today’s time everyone is taking some kind of franchise for that because the franchise is already a brand, you start making money and profit only after taking the franchise. And you become the best team of subway, that is why most of the subway franchise is taken in the world, here subway was accounted in an article that subway is the world’s largest service provider and one quantity company.

First Subway Franchise

Subway Franchise :- First SUBWAY restaurant was opened in the city of Bridgeport, USA, by Fred DeLuca and Dr.Peter Buck in 1965, which was later incorporated in the name of Doctor’s Associates Inc. at present, Doctor’s Associates operates the Subway chain of sandwich shops, the world’s largest restaurant chain, boasting more than 40,000 locations in more than 100 countries.

Since its founding, the SUBWAY franchise system has experienced phenomenal growth. All Subway restaurants are franchised and in most years, about 70% of new franchise locations are purchased by existing owners because of their trust on the Subway brand.

World largest Subway Franchise

Subway Franchise :- The brand SUBWAY is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain owning about 44,000 and more outlets in different locations around the world. They are the leading choice for individuals seeking quick, nutritious repasts that their whole family can relish. With a complete passion for delighting customers in serving best and delicious, made-to-order sandwiches, Subway stands top in the top food companies. With franchises of more than 39 thousand units across 102 countries, Subway is increasing its popularity in India. Subway Franchise Presently, Subway holds more than 353 franchise restaurants in India. How much is the investment and franchisee fee? The investment can range from INR 6,098,000 to INR 11,979,400. This includes the initial franchise fee of INR 650,000. Subway Franchise

Subway Franchise :- Are you want to be the next franchisee of Subway? Find out how to apply to get a franchise opportunity of Subway in India, cost of investment, suitable locations, returns or profits and more. In fact, Subway is the largest fast food company in the world in terms of store count. It is one of the most popular businesses to franchise and is also known to have among the lowest franchising costs. For 2020, it is ranked 107 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 Ranking. Keep reading this article for better knowledge of the Subway franchise. Subway Franchise

Is Subway franchise a good investment?

  1. Investment details of subway franchise
  2. Purpose Requirements
  3. Minimum investment Rs. 25-30 lakhs
  4. Franchise fee Rs 4.5 lakhs Rs 2.25 for the next
  5. Advertising and Royalty fees 3.5% and 8%
  6. Minimum area requirements 170 sq. ft. for a food court, and a minimum of 350 sq. ft. for a non-food court Subway Franchise
  7. No. of personnel required least 8 people required
  8. Running cost Rs.1 Lakh Subway Franchise
  9. Anticipated profit or return on INVESTMENT

Why Open a SUBWAY Franchise Restaurant in India?

Subway Franchise :- After 1965, Subway has emerged as undoubtedly one of the biggest food franchises in and around the world. It is the number one in the Quick Service restaurant chain in terms of the count of units. Apart from the above mention point, low investments and simpler operations also the plus factors to start a Subway franchise in India. And still, the Subway managements are looking for their expansion, so there is certainly room available for developing your Subway Franchise Business! And you can also come across many good Subway Franchise Reviews. Subway Franchise

Subway Franchise :- In India, Subway restaurants have ‘no beef or pork’ slogan and they serve the best meals to ensure all types of customers can eat there in their restaurants. Subway also serves a plethora of vegetarian dishes, some of them include Veggie Patty, Paneer Tikka, Aloo Patty, and so on. Also, they have separate kitchens for vegetarian and non-vegetarian this is a special feature available only in Subway Franchise in India.

Eligibility Criteria for Subway Franchise

  • Subway’s eligibility criteria says that the owner should have no political connections or a criminal background. Further, the partner should also be able to procure several licenses including a permit from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, the shop and establishment license and the fire and trade license. Anyone who is interested can simply visit the website and fill the form. I was called for interviews and formality a few days later after I submitted my application online,” explains Bhandari. Subway Franchise
  • Another eligibility is the land required to build the store. Further, the minimum area required for setting up a Subway store is 650 sq.ft. or 350-400 sq.ft. if the store is in a food court or a mall.

Is Subway franchise a good investment?

  1. Undesirable Lifestyle: many of the people we talk to want to become a business owner in order to achieve a better lifestyle, have more personal time, and ability to dedicate more to their families. Well, becoming a Subway owner can bring the exact opposite. Subway Franchise If you are planning to own a single-unit of a Subway franchise, unless you spend your time running the business, you will make very little money out of it. So you will need to be involved, and that means actively managing a business operation that is open 7 days a week, for long hours…not very appealing…
  2. One of the highest royalties charged in the food industry: Subway charges 8% royalty fees of their franchisees Subway Franchise That’s one of the highest royalties charged in the food franchise industry! McDonald’s for example, charges 4%, and most other food franchises will range between 4 and 6%. When you take into account that 8% is being charged out of your gross revenues, it can be very significant Subway Franchise Also, with the products being priced at U$5.00 or so to the customer, how much net profit is left?
  3. Super high marketing fee: Subway charges, in addition to 8% royalty fee, a 4.5% marketing fee. That again is charged on top of your gross revenue. Subway Franchise So you are leaving 12.5% to Subway off the bat, and that’s not yet even discounting all the other costs you will incur (cost of goods, rent costs, employees, licenses, taxes, and more).
  4. Overly saturated system: with over 25,000 locations spread across the US, that means that a customer walks 2-3 blocks in a metropolitan area, to find another Subway location. For you, the franchise owner, that’s not very nice, huh Subway Franchise You are basically competing with all other Subway franchises in the neighborhood. There are way too many…As a means of comparison, McDonalds, which is another quite saturated system, has ~ 14,000 locations in the US
  5. The system is showing signs of decline tores are closing: As we mentioned before, when something becomes too popular, it is usually already achieving its peak and potentially prone to a decline or correction. Seems like this might be happening to Subway, as it has closed 909 stores in 2017, and over 800 stores in 2016!!! According to a Business Insider article, franchisees are saying that hundreds of stores are also threatened to close and that up to one-third of the entire system in the US could be unprofitable. Subway Franchise

Profit Subway Franchise

Subway Franchise :- Below are some of the reasons to choose Subway franchise:

  • Subway is the second-largest restaurant chain in the world after McDonald’s subway.
  • It holds more than 44,210 restaurants in about 110 countries around the world and more than 531 restaurants in 70 different Indian cities.
  • This quick meal restaurant offers very fresh and own bread to its customers.
  • Subway is one of the best and fastest-growing franchises in India.
  • It provides no cooking, frying and grilling meals.
  • They are flexible with the franchise, with space requirements.
  • It provides a comprehensive training course and complete support from our Subway franchise headquarters, State Development Agents and field executive staff.

How to apply for Subway Franchise

Step 1 Visit the official Subway website, and download the form for subway franchise in India. You can find the application form in this link

Step 2 Enter the complete details as per asked in the Subway franchise application form.

Step 3 After filling all details, send that application form to below mention address

Step4 For any queries and doubts you can call on below mention Subway franchise contact number to gather more information about the franchise.

  • Request a franchise brochure
  • Submit Franchise Application subway franchise form
  • Meet Local Development Agent
  • Review Disclosure Document
  • Conduct Local Research
  • Secure Financing
  • Sign Franchise Agreement
  • Attend Training
  • Secure a Location and Build Your Restaurant

Contact Details for Subway Franchise

  • Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd.
  • B 11/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II
  • New Delhi -110020
  • Telephone: 011 41754035, 011 41708082.

Conclusion about of Subway Franchise

Subway Franchise :- I hope you find the information here very helpful, if you have any question, then you can ask by commenting, in this post we have learned that Subway Franchise in India has taken detailed information, we have given you many types of research information here. And we request the readers who read this post that if you feel that this post is beneficial for यू So do tell us by commenting in the comment box and also if you have any valuable suggestion then also write to us so that we can make our content even more useful. Subway Franchise


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