How to Activate Missed Call Alert in Idea

How to Activate Missed Call Alert in Idea:- If you are also worried that your missed call alert is not activated in your Vodafone and Idea ie VI sim So now you do not worry at all because today we will tell you how to activate missed call alert in Vodafone and Idea sim and that too let’s know the absolutely free method.

Vodafone and Idea both companies have become one and both companies together have become VI, first, we know this What is a missed call alert to let you know if your phone is turned off or in an area where there is a network problem. Or in such a situation, if someone calls you, then you do not know who has called you husband, then in time if your missed call alert is activated through any of your sim companies.So the company will tell you that when your phone was switched off or out of network, then some people had received a call, you get to know this information through SMS, if you want to activate this missed call in Vodafone and Idea, then you can read the entire post. read

How to Activate Missed call alert in idea

If you are Vodafone and Idea subscriber and want to know if your network is not available or out of coverage Or if your mobile is off then who calls you, if you do not want to miss all this then you have to activate missed call alert through your sim, know how to do that

Activate missed call alert value-added service on your mobile phone. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can activate this service. We have explained how to activate missed call alerts for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

In this article, you can learn how to activate missed call alert in Idea and Vodafone (VI)

Value added services of idea vodafone VI

  • The idea gives many services to its customers. like :-
  • News
  • Games
  • Email
  • Messaging
  • Mobile money
  • Ringtones
  • Prayers and devotional songs
  • Dialer tones
  • Cricket scores
  • Ring-back tones
  • Mobile TV
  • Location-based services
  • Sports and infotainment services
  • Missed call alerts
  • Live to stream

How To activate Missed Call Alert Service For Free

Vi lets you enjoy reverse missed call information. It is quite easy and fast to set missed call alert on Vodafone Idea by dialing the IVR number or USSD code and sending SMS. Vi has also published a dedicated page on its site called “Vi Call Management Services”, with the help of which you can enjoy various types of service, how to get missed call alert service of Vi SIM.

How To Activate Vi Missed Call Alert Service

If you want to start missed call alert service, then you have 3 easy ways, with the help of which you can easily activate the service by dialing the number from your phone, what are the ways we have told you step by step below.

Vi Miss Call Alert Activation USSD Code :

You can also activate with the help of Vi Miss Call Alert Activation USSD Code, first you dial the number in your phone 888810 When you call this number then the phone will be disconnected and then SMS will come in your phone if it does not come. So you give a missed call to this number again and select your service and SMS will come in your phone and your service will be activated.

Activate Miss Call Alert in Vi By Sending SMS:

If you do not find the first option right, then you have the second option, you can start your service by giving a missed call from the phone, you can also start your service with massage from your phone. First of all, you have to go to your massage and the number you have to send is of two types, first which is for postpaid user which is 199 and second is for prepaid user which is 144. You have to send this number to you and you have to type this message Type this message: “ACT MCI”. And you have to send, after some time you will get your service activated through SMS.

Set Missed Call Alert On Vi Number By calling an IVR number:

And if you are not able to understand both these options, then you can start your service by talking to the customer care of the company.You have to call this number 12384 on your phone and you have to get the service which you want and your service will be activated.

How To Deactivate Vi Miss Call Alert Service

The way you have started your service, you can easily stop it and if you want to deactivate service So you have two options, first is that you can call with your phone number and second you can turn it off through massage.

Deactivate Vi Miss Call Alert By Sending SMS:

You have to open the massage on your phone and then you have to type stop in SMS, you have to send it to these numbers.

  • Type CAN MCI in the message body.
  • Send the message to 199 (Postpaid).
  • Send the message to 144 (Prepaid).
  • You can also type “STOP” and send it to 15223.

Remember that you also have to select which is your SIM, prepaid or postpaid, then you have to send it to the number given to you, your service will be stopped through an SMS.

Stop Missed Call Information Alert On Your Vi Number:

The second option for you is that you can stop your service by dialing the number from your phone on your own. Dial this Vi miss call alert deactivation number: 12384. This option will be very easy for you.

How To Start Reverse Miss Call Alert On Vi Number

  • Create a new message and type ACT RMCI.
  • Send the above-typed message to 199 postpaid users.
  • The prepaid users need to send it to 144.
  • Congratulation, the Vi reverse miss call information has been started.


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