How to Become Ajio Seller । Complete info on how to become a AJIO seller?

How to Become Ajio Seller

In today’s time, there are many such sellers who are not able to earn good money from their shop, there are many reasons for this, but let us tell you that in today’s time 30% have shifted online after closing their shop.

There are reasons like the rent of the shop, electricity bill of the shop, water bill of the shop, paying salary to keep the boys in the shop and many other types of bills now I don’t know why many people are reducing online.

First of all, let me tell you that your shop will never be closed due to having everything online, the reason is that when the online order comes, it has to be delivered from the shop itself, it is not that everything has gone online.

And the biggest advantage of online is that people who do not have money properly, then those people can earn less online and that too can earn some money.

If your shop is doing well then it is okay otherwise if you want to increase your sales then we are India’s largest e-commerce company and India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s company Ajio is giving you this chance that your Products can be sold on Ajio

If your shop is for food or grocery then you can register on AJIOmart if you are selling clothes or shoes.

So you can visit ajio, you have to follow some steps to make AJio a seller, which we will tell you.

What do you need in the documents to become an AJio seller?

By the way, to make an AJio seller, you need the normal documents that you should have to become an online seller, which documents should you have to become an AJio seller:-

  1. You must have a GST
  2. You must have your own brand
  3. You must have a current account
  4. PAN card
  5. aadhar card
  6. Do you have a phone number
  7. And it should be accompanied by business-related documents.

Reliance has launched AJIO after Amazon and Flipkart, myntra, but let us tell you that in today’s time, most branding sales have happened on AJIO, the same Flipkart has sold the most mobiles as usual, but in terms of fashion, AJIO is still first. is on the number

AJIO has more than 3000 categories and also it lists branding products, as well as AJIO, has 2000 worldwide products as well as 300000 stylish products which is a huge number if you also want to join such a big platform. If so, register now by clicking on the link below.

So many sellers sell products on AJIO, have you ever wondered what their number is, then tell you that there are more than 1 million sellers on AJIO, which is a huge number, let’s know how to register AJIO sellers.

If you want to create a seller account on AJIO, then click on the link given above or else you will be redirected to a page by clicking on seller on AJIO at the bottom of the AJIO website which is There will be a kind of website, you should not click on any wrong link.

Then you fill your details, you will see that you have to click on the new supplier register and you have to fill your name phone number address and with this you have to fill your aadhar and pan card correctly then you will get otp which number you have registered inserted while doing.

Now, the website will ask you to enter your PAN. Enter your PAN related and other information. After entering the correct PAN information, the vendor name will automatically be displayed on the screen. This is how Reliance verifies your business.

Apart from this, you will be asked whether you are an MSME or not? MSME stands for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. If you have a venture base for similar business, you can click on the ‘Yes’ option.

Now, enter your UAM number. Enter the correct number while registering. Further, select whether you have a Micro/Small/Medium Business and click on the correct option.

The website will ask you for documents. You can simply browse them as jpeg/jpg/pdf from the storage of your mobile, computer, or laptop

Then after that you have to verify which OTP will come on your phone number, you have to enter it, then after that your seller account will be created.

After this, you will open this page, in which some basic information about your business will be given, you want to enter a category, then what is your work, after entering just this about your product, your registration will be completed.

After 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your phone number and on gmail and on Gmail, which will contain your seller’s id and password. What information did you give then, just after that by clicking on this link:- you will easily go to the seller panel.

Sign in to the account and locate the Seller Management account. This page is known as the order management page, then after that, you can easily list your product and order cancel and return exchange as well as RTO you will see on this panel

When the rest of the order arrives, you have to pack it in some way, you can do this in a normal way when you get the order, you will get 2 bills, first, you will be the bill of the product and the second will be your delivery an address, then you have to pack the deliver boy will come to your product reach your customer.

Now how will you know that your product has been delivered, everything will be shown on your seller panel, if the above is returned then you will get the show in return

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