What is Future and Option Trading in Hindi

In today’s time, there are many people who like to go to web series movie cinema club pubs and why not when your mind needs rest then you can go to such a place to calm your mind. But because of the rule, such a habit seems to be very quick.

In today’s time, everyone wants millions of wishes, but how do earn crores, people know this lot. From 2019 to 2022, India is at the forefront of the number of almost illiterate countries according to the According to survey and Canada is the only country which is the most First place in the number of countries with more educated

We are not talking about studies today, today we will give you some basic information about futures and options of the forex market and the stock market, we will not talk about the forex market today because Let us tell you that the Forex market is the world’s largest market, which is where the currency of all the world’s currency fluctuates and trading through PIPS has profit and loss.

This forex market is open 24 hours from Monday to Friday and the stock market is also open from Monday to Friday but it is open from 9:30 am to 3:30 am

Future and Option is one such market in India which is the most popular and many people lose the most money in it, let us tell you that the stock market is an ant in comparison to the forex market because the forex market is 6 trillion a month. have a high market value

In futures and options, you have to take special care of about two things, first, you have to take special care of the candlestick pattern before entering into trading because let me tell you that in trading your chart pattern and candlestick is very useful. Rather, you will be useful in the forex market or the crypto market or the stock market.

In Futures and Options, you have two types of sell and buy, if your research says that today the Nifty market will fall down, then you buy the put option and your candlestick says that today the market will rise, then you will call the option. buys

That is, even if the market falls down, you can still earn money and if the market goes up, you can still earn easily, tell you that futures and options are very high risk, if you have more information then only you can do this. Anger in the market or else you can lose all your money in few seconds.

Now if you have understood all this and you are wondering how to trade in futures and options, then tell you that first of all you should have a broker account like angelone 5paisa zorodha groww All this is a kind of broker There is an application, in this you have to give your income certificate to start future and option, then your future and option account is activated, it is known to everyone that it is necessary to have a dement account if you invest money in the stock market

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