exercise for hips toning your body and keeping it in shape boosts your confidence. it also reduces the chances of health issues and fat related problems.

squats are great for toing reducation of fat from lower body. you can start with normal squats and then make it challenging by adding dumbells.

side lunges thsi exercise is beneficial for reducing side fat from the hips that is the hardest to tackle. you should engage your core while stepping on side lunges.

fire hydrants if focuses on your glutes and hip region.it makes your muscles more stable and removes excess fat from behind your buttocks soon.

wall sits in this exercise , you need to sit againts the wall but with a little twist. wall sits helps to build your core strengh and tone muscles.

banded walk as name suggests here you put a band on your thighs and them move side wards. it is a great exercise to strenghthen your glutes.

step-up with weight step-up exercise is great for toning up legs and reducing fat from hips, thighs and glutes. this exercise helps to burn more calories and makes your body stable.

hip fat can be stubborn and difficult to lose . here are the top best exercise to reduce hip fat and tone yur legs.

if you're new to working out and have trouble umping this is a simple tretch that burns excess hip fat with less to no motion.

crunches are not only a good ab exercise but als work your hip muscles.