When Kohli-Rohit dominated ODI chart

however there was a time when kohli and rohit dominated ODI charts and run counters for over 3 year

the phenomenon started in 2017 when virat kohli topped the run charts having amassed 1460 runs with a superb averge of 76.84

rohit sharma was not far behind as the star opener occupied the second spot with 1293 runs in just 21 ODI games.

in the next year kohli played only 14 ODI matches but he managed to score 1202 runs finished as the top run scorer in 2018

rohit sharma also had a very good season in ODI and scored 1030 runs in the format in 2018

in 2019 there was a change in position as rohit sharma finised as the top run scorer with 1490 runs in ODIs.

Virat kohli finished with 1377 runs in ODI cricket in 2019 and occupied the second charts.

with an ODI world cup coming up next yaer Virat kohli and rohit sharma will should look to get back to there best.

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